When a jester does not leave the stage when the applause is thunderous, his audience easily despises him when his performance declines and they eventually show him the exit with hooting.
We are normally evaluated and marked by our current performance upon leaving the scene. 

It is prudent to leave the stage when the applause is intense.

Your strength, power, intelligence and beauty that hinge your position will never last.

When out of selfishness, you entrench yourself but lose the hinges of your position you leave the scene as nobody instead of somebody.

Leave the scene when you are mostly valued and needed, not when you are totally irrelevant.

May you endeavour not lose your worth and dignity before you give way to others.

Remain blessed.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


When we over-concentrate on exposing our attractive looks rather than our good thoughts and character, we lure people not to love us but to lust for us.
When a poet only focuses on his eloquence rather than the relevance of his message, he wins admirers but his words do not have any significant impact on his   listeners.

The way we present ourselves mostly dictates how people relate with us.

Appearances are not always constant and reliable, they normally change with time and space.

Do not be happy when people admire and value based on your external nice looks, they will  certainly abandon you when such beauty fades.

Do not be sad when people despise based on your looks, people, in days to come will struggle to catch glimpse of you.

May you build your trust and companionship on the stronger foundation of love rather than mere appearance.

God bless you.


+Fr. Michael Amo Gyau+



No matter the beauty and the peaceful environment of a stopover, it cannot become the final destination of any serious and purposeful traveller.
When we spend precious time and on things that are of no or of less relevance to our course and goal, we do not only labour in vain but you also retrogress in life and  make our future bleak.

Side attractions are useful but they are not the ultimate goal.

Recreation and rest are very productive but when we over engage in them, they become powerful retrogressive tools.

It is good to correct people but when we spend all our time on finding faults and judging people, without correcting ourselves, we will eventually lose our place in eternity.

To grow in every aspect of your life, relevance and usefulness should be your guiding principle.

God bless you

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


The beauty of a flower cannot prevent it from withering.
The beauty, the wisdom, the strength and the achievement of a man can never grant him immortality.

The common destination of all that is born is death.

The common trait of all that exist is extinction.

Popularity and dignity fades with time.

Current issues will surely become a thing of the past.

Your unprecedented achievements will not be remembered in days to come.

You can never dodge this reality. 

If you, who form the basis of all your belongings will fade out,  then what you have is like a mirage, it has short life span. 

May you always value the gift of life and prepare for the reality of death.

Stay blessed.

+Fr. Michael Amo Gyau+

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