The ant has become a model to certain aspects of human life not because it is rational but because it makes prudent use of opportunities and resources available.

Our predecessors made greater impact on the world with limited resources and opportunities. We are even struggling to transform ourselves, spiritually, economically and socially with technology, resources and opportunities at our disposal all because we do not make good use of what we have.

*Unused opportunities and privileges are equally retrogressive as abused opportunities and privileges.*

The more we waste and abuse opportunities and resources, the more get closer to failure.

How are you making good use of what you have today to grow and become the exact and best version of yourself?

Have a nice day

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


One of our greatest threats in life is to willfully expose what you fear most and what you like most to the crafty.

We are ready to obey even the difficult directive if only it will help us to find what we need in life.

We are also ready to act when we are frightened by what we fear most.

If what we fear and what need become our only moving force, we are likely to always act on hasty and emotional decisions.

*Your deepest fear and your gravest need can be used easily to control and even enslave you.*

In times of fear and need, we become gullible and we are prone to abuse and exploitation.

Do not be too quick to obey those who claim to have power to do away with what you fear and provide you with what you need.

Be very careful of who and how you unveil your fears and needs to, they can be used as destructive weapons against you.

God bless you and have a nice day.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


A hinge looks small and insignificant as compared to the door but the existence of the door is dependent on the hinge. 

*You might see yourself and your accomplishments as insignificant but someone look up to you for his existence, motivation, encouragement and joy.*

Never ever under estimate the little things you do.

What seems ordinary to you might be extraordinary to someone.

What looks too common to you might be unprecedented in someone’s life.

Not all people will love and accept you for your good deeds and not all people will reject and hate you for your vices. Sometimes, deviants even have admirers.

Never see yourself as good for nothing, there people who admire you due to the little things you do.

Accept and cherish who you are, what you have and what you can do, it is  one of the certain ways to self improvement.

Remain in the love of God.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


When we lose something, complaining bitterly and diligently searching for someone to accuse cannot bring the lost item into existence.

When we close our eyes to the reality of lost, we do not only find it  difficult to accept and to overcome the hurts and the pains of lost, we tend to blame everybody than ourselves.

Many people cannot find their lost thems because, they are deeply lamenting instead of searching.

Many people are not able to recover from the wounds of loses because they are pointing accusing fingers on others instead of searching the searchable and forgetting the un -retrievable.   

Many people are not progressing not because they lack resources but because they are still holding onto un -retrievable loses.

Your religion, spirituality, intelligence and  expertise can reduce but cannot immune you for the reality of lost.

Even our life, which forms the bedrock of all that we have will not last forever, we will lose it one day. Use wisely what you have but do not completely lean on them, they can cause your downfall.

May you accept the reality of lost and learn to manage loses in your life.

Have a blessed day.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


It is uncommon to see miners using a golden pickaxe to dig for gold. 

The meat used as a bait is normally of low quality as compared to animal to be trapped.

We normally use the little we have to work for great  accomplishments.

We use what is transient to look for what is lasting.

We use what is perishable to seek for what is imperishable.

Do not wait for greater things before you can begin, start with the little you have and it will surely yield dividends.

Greatness is a gradual but conscious improvement of who we are and what we have, using prudently the gifts, energy and resources at our disposal.

Never underestimate who you are, what you have and where you are today, use them aptly as  springboard for greater accomplishments.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


The gift from God does not come to us as a finished product, it comes as a raw material to be transformed for our benefit and for common good.

A gift can be used to promote virtues or to perpetrate vices depending on how the gift is managed.

*Unused gifts are equally destructive as abused gifts.*

Never allow your gifts take you away from the gift giver and destroy your relationship with the less fortunate.

May you always use your gifts prudently to upgrade rather than to downgrade yourself and others.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


Polluting your source of food and making unhabitable your home amount to self curse.

Nobody but you can revoke it because you have the power to make and to  rescind certain decisions in your life.

Sometimes our dignity and credibility are partly hinged on who and what we associate with.

Our wellbeing and  dignity are partly linked to the wellbeing and dignity of our group.

Never think of keeping your image intact when you strongly speak ill of people and groups which your existence is connected to.

When you wash your dirty linen outside, it does only unveil the rots in the group, it also reveals the dark side and irresponsibility of the group members.

So far as you are part of a group, what affects the group automatically affects you.

Be careful of how you hastily broadcast bad information about your group, it eventually tarnishes your image.

*Learn to correct wrongs, do not hasten to spread wrongs of your group*

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


When you begin a race, it is better and more dignifying to finish, even at the last position than to opt out on the way. Finishing the race makes it more competitive.

Never opt out in life, move on, your presence and actions could make the lives of others meaningful.

Until the last whistle is blown, it is self destructive to move out and to declare yourself a loser.

*If your maker and judge has not condemned you, why do you strongly accuse and condemn yourself?*

In the midst difficulties, Keep on,

In the midst of confusion, keep focused,

In times failure, restart and move on. 

Never be discouraged by your bitter and difficult experiences, you might not know what the Lord has in stock for you.

May you always be strengthened to accept yourself to face and to overcome the challenges of life.

Remain in the love of God.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


One of the visible marks of the public gatherings of societies struggling to develop is that it normally starts with apology for lateness rather than prayer or welcome.

It is honourable to apologize for a shortfall but it is a crass irresponsibility when we are always searching for words to apologize for repeated negligence.

Apology loses its value and becomes irresponsibility when it is always repeated without any grave reason.

*When irresponsibility becomes our trait, maturity and development become a mirage.*

The more we strive to be responsible, the more we reduce the emergence of occasions to apologize.

Punctuality and Responsibility are some of the vital ingredients to growth. Never take them for granted.

May you always endeavor to be responsible when it comes to time usage.

Have a blessed day.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


No matter how strong a magnet, it can only attract objects within the magnetic field.

It is uncommon for people to admire a product they are ignorant of.

It will be very difficult to get attracted to someone we have never heard of or seen before.

Knowledge normally leads to attraction and attraction mostly propels intimacy.

The more we deepen our knowledge of people and products, the more we either get booked up with them or desert them.

Be very cautious of who and what you invest your time, energy and resources.

When we give serious attention people and products, they consciously or unconsciously begin to direct our thoughts and actions.

May you always decide based on productive value, not solely on attractive value, for our decisions eventually direct us.

Remain in the love of God.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau