Life is like a journey, we are moved to make conscious but adequate preparation when we know the specific destination, distance and challenges in the journey.

Those who set out for a journey out of emotional decision, hence, do not plan, are easily discouraged and eventually get stuck on the way.

In our social, religious, political and economic lives, success is not for the unconscious and unfocused minds but it is for those who make conscious and reasonable decisions towards their set goal.

Ignorance of our goal.

Ignorance of the means to reach our goal.

Ignorance of the setbacks in reaching our goals are some of the greatest hindrances to progress.

Do not just decide or act, it is prudent to weigh the consequences.

Do not just follow the crowd, it is better to know and stick to your goal in life.

Your character, personality and destiny are hugely hinged on the conscious and unconscious decisions you make.

May you always balance how you feel with how you think.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau



It is better to move and fall than to remain motionless, we learn from the fall.

It is better to act and fail than to remain passive, we grow out of the failure.

One of the greatest setbacks to progress is the fear of falling and failure.

Failure is not a mark of the weak and the worthless. It is an opportunity to re-correct yourself and to redirect your goal in life.

Depending on your attitude towards failure, it can either energize you to move on or discourage you to retrogress.

Failure can impede your progress but it does not prevent your progress.

Success best appreciated when it borne out of obstacles and failure.

Never let failure bring you down but grow out of failure to bring out the best in you.

God be with you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


The sharpest knife can never sharpen itself.

It not surprising to see a dentist having a serious dental problem. 

A great farmer could die of hunger.

A great motivator can die unmotivated. 

Do not be too proud and complacent with your pgifts, skills and strength, there are days ahead that you cannot even use them for your own good.

Your potentials, power, strength and position are never constant for you to completely lean on them.

Use what you have today to uplift others so that they can also get the strength to help you when you are down tomorrow.

May you be strengthened in all that you do.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


We do not only rely on the beautiful decoration of a product to determine its quality.

We do not only rely on the simple and ordinary appearances of people to judge their worth.

Messages may appear too simple and familiar but they make sense the more we reflect on them.

Do not just accept or reject people, products, policies and ideas based on their external looks or a remark about them.

Beauty does not merely guarantee quality.

Ugliness does not automatically presuppose worthlessness.

May you always be more reflective in your perception, judgement and decision.

Have a blessed day.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


A manufacturer knows best, so every product is carefully designed to fulfill an intended purpose.
God knows better than you do, so you were created with your unique traits for a purpose.

You are constantly asking God not to endow you with the needed gifts and strength to reach his plans for you, but you are asking God to change your destiny to suit your own plans and aspirations.

Are you wiser and more knowledgeable than your maker?

Be a bit appreciative to God for how he created you. You are not worthless.

If you do not value how God created you, how can you appreciate the gifts He endows you?

Never let your weaknesses and the great accomplishments of others make you reject yourself and even underestimate the works of God in you.

May you strive to know your value and blessings in order to make you more grateful.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


You cannot paste what you have not cut.
You cannot paste what you have not copy.

You can only paste what you have cut or copied.

Unless you appropriate the works of others to yourself, you can never reap what you have never sown.

Even to experience and reap the benefits of a miracle, which is free, you need to sow the seed of faith and perseverance.

Excellence can never be  achieved in mediocrity.

Greatness cannot be attained in optimistic indolence.

Holiness is actualised not in vices but in persevering virtuous deeds.

You are not superhuman to be immuned from this reality.

Depending on divine Providence, do your possible best and you will surely reap dividends you never thought of.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


The viability of a seed does not automatically guarantee its fruitfulness. It depends on where it is planted and how it is cared for.
Having good intentions and plans do not merely grant success, it  depends hugely on how they are appropriately implemented.

We cannot make any significant transformation in life when we only boast of shelved ideas and policies. 

We may have all the resources and the means to grow at our disposal but if we do not use them wisely, we can never grow. 

May you not only over- elaborate on what you have been endowed and the opportunities available but also focus on how you can utilize them for your growth and the growth of others.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


The erect stick of a snare can never trap any animal unless it is lowered. The lower the stick of the snare, the higher its trapping effect.

The more we humble ourselves, the more we open up to greatness.

Pride gives false identity of ourselves.

Pride makes a sinner, holy without any repentance.

Pride makes the indolent great without any initiative.

Pride makes one a hero without any heroic deed.

Pride quickly elevates us.

Pride gives us momentarily honour and pleasure but it in short time, demotes us into gutters and tatters.

Humility is not attractive but it is productive.

Humility is a mark of the strong, not the weak. 

Humility is a trait of greatness, not a mark of servitude.

Let your humility gradually elevate you, not your pride.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


It is a shame, not a gain when people doubt and find it extremely difficult to link our identity to the identity of the group we find ourselves.

Our consistency, credibility, loyalty, commitment, faithfulness and trust are in great question when our core identity changes with time and situation, not for self improvement,  but for our critics to applaud and accept us.

Critics are not always right and you do not always need to rely on criticism before you can know that you are on the wrong path.

Who you are, where you are, what you have and who you want to you become make you unique, not superior or inferior to others.

Do not rush to change your core identity, being mocked and criticized of who you are does not automatically make you bad.

Be firm and strive to add value to your identity.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau