New products and events are mostly welcomed with great zeal but they become ordinary and the enthusiasm reduces with the passage of time.

When problems and misfortunes are fresh, we get temporal sympathizers to express transient love and care.

With time, misfortunes make us burdens and  objects of scorn and rejection.

People may spontaneously empathize and console us in our misfortunes but  we are the best people to learn how to bear such hurting situation.

The human person is easily fed up with unfavourable monotonous situations so be your perpetual motivator in your hard times.

*You might be the point for the expression of love and mercy today, do not be carried away, you can easily become a burden and object of rejection tomorrow.*

Do not expect anybody to care and treat you better than yourself.

God bless you.

*Fr. Michael Amo Gyau*



We are basically self centered by our human nature. We wholeheartedly accept people in their strengths and accomplishments but we completely despise people in their weaknesses and failings. 

So far as people are yelling and hailing you for your excellent performance will not prevent them from accusing and hooting at you when you flop.

Those who are smiling at you today, will frown at you when your actions and inactions do not go in their favour.

Those who tag you worthless today will see you priceless when you please them with your actions.

Do not wholly hinge your existence and joy on the actions of others.

Be very cautious, when you solely and blindly depend on the condemnations and commendations of people, you will not know you true worth.

May you always be cautious of the unpredictability of the human person.

God bless you.

*Fr. Michael Amo Gyau*



No victor is without a vice or weakness and no victim is without a virtue or strength.

The joys and excitement victory can keep us blind of our blunders and inadequacies.

The sorrows and pains of defeat can magnify our mistakes and make us blame everyone apart from ourselves.

*Victory does not make us fault free.* 

In your victory, work on your weakness to improve on your strength for greater accomplishments.

*Defeat does not us complete liability.*

In your failure, never overlook your strength. Learn from your weakness and build on your strength.

If victory is not well evaluated and managed, it will unconsciously prepare complacency and eventual defeat.

A well manage defeat can move us to intensify our efforts to succeed.

Your current state is provisional, it can easily change. Never lose hope, and never be complacent.

Have a blessed day.

*Fr. Michael Amo Gyau*



It is better to go through rigorous and time consuming procedures to come out fully prepared and finest than to be helped to dodge recommended routes to come out half baked.

Some assistance, favours, privileges and protocols will give us momentary comfort today but it will render us incapable and ignorant tomorrow.  

Not all assistance, favours and privileges are good for us. 

Some privileges can kill our creativity to plant us firmly in perpetual ignorance and poverty. 

Some favours can veil our talents and to render us incapable take basic initiatives of life.

We cannot make any significant impact on the world when we are products of favours and protocols rather than hard work and using appropriate routes.

Be very mindful of the help you receive today, it destroy you in future.

God bless you.

*Fr. Michael Amo Gyau*



Silence is not always golden, sometimes it gives a golden chance for people  underrate, abuse and implicate us, when it is not used aptly.

Silence becomes destructive in certain situation that demands make intentions known.

Being always silent at the wrongs of others against us does not merely make us good people, it gradually prepares us to be  hypocrites, cowards and a silent haters. 

It is liberating to speak your heart out prudently.

Silence can conceal our rich ideas, feelings and good intentions.

Silence is needed in life but it is not always productive.

Life is a prudent interplay of silence and speaking.

Speak when it is appropriate and be silent when it will be useful.

May you always make good use of silence.

Have a great week.

*Fr. Michael Amo Gyau*


Religion is not like a fun club where standards are lowered or raised to always make it attractive in order to meet the demands of members.
Religion rather presents sound directives, favourable or hurting to lead us to the ultimate goal, eternity.

We dilute the essence of religion when we consciously alter its principles to suit our yearning expectations.

We are to change to meet divine demands, not to change divine demands to suit our personal demands.

To be happy in the Lord, learn to act from the dictates of the Lord rather than dictating for the Lord.

Have a blessed Sunday.

*Fr. Michael Amo Gyau*



Working cautiously with an open sore is far better and secured than  working briskly with an internal wound.

When our problems are open, they normally cut slur on our image and dignity, people will underrate our abilities and even make our competitors complacent.

But our open  problems open our eyes to the reality of life and our true state to either work cautiously or to seek relevant help.

Our internal problems are likely to plant us into pretension and make us think that all is well.

When we are weak but cunningly present a strong personality to the public, we court stronger competitors rather than sympathizers.

Pretension is a self  deceptive tool which gradually forms and shapes our casket of destruction.

Be true to yourself and never present false image of yourself to the public.

*Fr. Michael Amo Gyau*



How we see, experience, perceive, evaluate and decide on issues make us distinct from others.

People can give countless reasons why they like what they like and why they detest what they detest base on how they see and and value things.

It is an art of self- centeredness to expect everybody to like what you like and dislike what you dislike. 

Your choice does not make you better, it rather makes you unique.

*Your freedom of choice should move you to the choice of  freedom.*

Even God, who is all-powerful respects our freedom of choice, why do we find it difficult to understand and bear with those whose choice contradicts ours.

It is a mark of maturity to value your choice and at the same time respect the choice of others which strongly opposes your choice.

Plant seeds of justice, today, to reap instantly the fruits of peace.

Value your choice and respect the choice of others.

God bless you as you act honourably for peace.

*Fr. Michael Amo Gyau*



To win any game, following  strictly the rules of the game is key.

Why do you overlook the rules of life and at the same time expect keenly to succeed in life?

Why do you willfully overlook the commands  your creator and hopefully expect unprecedented breakthrough in u life?

Your religion and spirituality donot immune you from the laws of nature and realities of life.

You cannot reach your intended destination if you do not make any conscious and purposeful efforts to move.

Hollow but hopeful messages and flatteries will give momentary joy and false hope but they cannot change the outcome of your actions.

It is absurd to mould your life on indolence, indiscipline and  repeated carelessness and expect God grant you success.

Do not take things for granted, you will definitely get the corresponding outcome of your actions and efforts.

Have a blessed day.

*Fr. Michael Amo Gyau*


One of my greatest inspiration in life is that my Lord is a finest Coach and a Master tactician, when He mercifully selects, He shapes, equips, strengthens and positions the selected to suit His game plan.

What the Lord expects from us is to avail ourselves of His sound directives.

If only you are tactically disciplined, you can be utilized productively to bring the best in you even as a half fit and average player. 

He can easily, with your cooperation, transform you from your greatest flop into a best performing player.

To succeed, sometimes, we have to be an active spectator to equip us to be an active player of life.

May you always find fulfilment in whatever you do.

Have a blessed week.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau