Your life is like an inflated balloon, you can be easily deflated by the touch any object.

Your strength and zeal are like a warm water, they will cool down with time.

Your beauty is like a flower, it will surely wither with time.

Your dignity is like a spotless cloth, a little dirt can dent your it.

Your fame is like a flash, you will be easily forgotten.

Do not boast too much of who you are, where you are and what you have.

In days ahead, you cannot use what you have and where you are to help yourself. 

In a moment ahead, you will be good for nothing and you will be nowhere to be found.

May you always be conscious, cautious and humbly accept the fact that you will gradually depreciate and eventually diminish in value.

Remain in the love and peace of the Lord.

*Fr. Michael Amo Gyau*



There are few who are ready to listen to us.

Those who give us listening ear do not normally understand us.

Those who understand us are mostly not ready to help us. 

Those who are ready to help do not always have the means to help.

Never think of getting lasting joy and success when you completely depend on the help of others to find meaning and fulfilment in life.

Nobody but you can understand and know better how you feel and see things.

The greatest harm to cause yourself is to reject yourself.

If no one is willing to encourage and help you, help yourself.

If people do not value and trust you, trust and value yourself.

Be the last person to reject and condemn yourself, even if everyone reject and condemn you.

You have yourself and your creator as your reliable asset. 

Never mar your relationship with God and never reject yourself.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


Most of the problems of the world are normally not from illiterates and the ignorant but those who know the best but do the otherwise.

The sane are unarguably more destructive than lunatics.

The enlightened are mostly cunning and deceptive as compared to the ignorant.

Your accumulated knowledge and literacy can make you a liability in your world if it is not used prudently and productively.

Our knowledge, power, skills and position do not merely make us useful and great, we only become assets depending on how we make prudent and productive use of them.

It is not enough to be intelligent, 

It is not enough to be on top position,

It is not enough to be rich and resourced.

Do not pride yourself with your gifts, utilize them wisely for your good and for common good.

May you become a priceless asset to your world based on your little but valuable contribution to the growth of the world. 

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


The tongue and teeth are able stay peacefully in spite of their difference because the teeth knows what and when to bite and chew, and the tongue also know what, when and how to swallow.

Self knowledge and the knowledge of the other are the basic hinges for the beginning, growth and sustainability of every relationship.

We cannot be true and faithful believers of God if we do not know best ourselves and our God.

We cannot have a meaningful, lasting and fruitful friendship, marriage, dialogue and transactions when we are ignorant of our strengths and weaknesses, and that of others’.

There cannot be meaningful consensus and mutual acceptance when there is lack of  knowledge of the background, abilities and interest of the respective parties.

Misunderstanding, mistrust, conflict and division are inevitable fruits when we sow ignorance in any relationship.

May you always make conscious strides to know yourself and others, it is a certain step for peaceful and productive relationship.

God bless you and have a great week.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


The problems we normally face in life do not always come from our unconcerned or apathetic attitude towards life but we are mostly concerned about so many other things rather than the very core and reason for our existence.

We are easily carried away by the all fashion, events and anxieties of our days that we do not give keen attention to our souls and our inner selves.

Be very careful of how you manage your challenges, worries and failings, they can easily block your inner peace and joy, and eventually impede your strides to reach eternity. 

Let the joys and comforts at the end of the journey energize you to move on no matter the hurdles on your way.

May you be endowed with the inner strength to move on in the midst of hardship and hopelessness of life.

Have a blissful Sunday.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


Prosperity does not merely mean having things in abundance but using appropriately the little resources at your disposal to make life comfortable for ourselves and others.

We might have knowledge about an aspect of life but inappropriate application can plunge us into ignorance.

Our inability to utilize well our rich resources can put us perpetual poverty.

Lack of creativity can make us fail in life not matter the opportunities that comes our way.

We do not have to necessarily get enough before we can make it in life.

Do not only seek resources, knowledge and opportunities, be keen on how you can use them relevantly and usefully.

May you always use what you have productively to create a fertile group for your breakthrough.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


Life is like the repeated swings between fair and foul weather. The weather of is not always fair and it is not always foul.

We will not always receive the worst and we will not always receive the best. 

Life is mostly a repeated interplay of joy and sorrow, success and failure, ups and downs.

Let your current state encourage or caution you.

In your worst moment, be hopeful and prepare for the best.

In your best moment, be cautious and prepare for the worst.

You current state is not conclusive, it is subjected to change at any point in time.

May you always be conscious and prepare for the emergencies of life.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


A saucepan on fire heats itself first before the content heats up. Naturally, we get liberated before we get the strength to free others from their shackles.

It is not charity but hypocrisy insensitivity when we show care to outsiders but indifferent to our own needs and that of insiders. 

Self-help is not always selfishness, it is a giant stride towards self-improvement for selfless service to others.

We do not merely become good people when we over focus on the wellbeing of others and ruin our lives.

We will gradually lose our power and strength when we do not invest in our source of strength  but totally channel our resources in promoting the wellbeing of those who may value and commend us for our generosity.

Set your priorities right. We get energized before we can the strength and zeal energize others.

May your ardent zeal to help others never blind you from seeing your needs and problems.

Remain in the love God.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


Why do you worry when your bitterest rival and competitor do not acknowledge and value your achievements? Naturally, it is difficult to please your competitors.

Do not be carried away by the compliments of your admirers and bootlickers, they will never say anything distasteful about your conduct even if it is bad.

The reality of life is that those who love us normally focus on the good in us and hence make mountain out of our little accomplishments.

Our detractors on the flip side normally look up for our dark side and hence read the vices from our virtuous conduct.

To know the authenticity of praises and condemnations directed to you carefully verify your relationship with that person or group.

*It is no news when your admirers laud you and it is normal when your opponents condemn you.*

May you always do what is right but let the comments of your love ones motivate you and let the words of your detractors caution you.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


Good strikers do not only capitalize on the available  chances to score goals in a match, they also create chances to score.

Our greatest challenge in life is not our inabilities but our inability discover our abilities.

Our strongest setback is not lack of opportunities but our inability to create chances.

If you see no opportunity in your life to succeed make conscious efforts to create one to succeed.

*Our ingenuity to create opportunities to succeed is our greatest asset.* Sometimes, we skip over opportunities due to anxiety, fear, negative attitude and indiscipline.

We normally block or waste our own chances to succeed in life.

Golden chances are normally not common and easy to find.

May you be inspired to make use of any least opportunity and even create some for your breakthrough.

May the Lord continue to strengthen and guide you to make it even in a chance-less situation.

Have a great day.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau