You freely and personally came to us to beg for power but you do not even recognise us now.

We gave you power to promote our common interest but you now work for your personal interest.

You take delight in the titles, prestige and privileges attached to your position but you fail perform effectively their corresponding responsibilities.

You strongly spoke against incompetence but you now pontificate mediocrity.

You promised to be accountable but you now tag us as detractors when we question your decisions.

You were humble and had a listening ear but now you have allowed power to trigger your pompous pride.

You were the voice of the voiceless but you now fiercely silence those who criticize you.

Bear in mind that what goes up will definitely come down.

Be mindful of how you treat those who pushed you up.

Do not forget those whose toils and falls cushioned your rise.

My leader, without us, you are not a leader. Let us see your impact on us and the world at large.



The quality of a product is not merely upgraded with only an improved name and attractive branding.

Taking upon ourselves angelic, saintly and heroic names and title does not automatically make us good and successful people in life.

People normally rush for titles and credentials but they are not willing to carry out their corresponding duties.

What do people and the world gain from us when we overly focus on titles and attractive packaging without responsibility?

Right attitude generates positive mentality to propel positive and useful actions.

Attractive appearance and titles with negative attitude is a deceptive decoration and external show off, it has less relevance to our growth.

A nation with good rules, resources and opportunities cannot develop when the citizens lack positive and progressive attitude.

Right attitude is an engine to growth, learn to form correct attitude towards life and reality.


When we are too desperate, we lose our defined purpose and direction to keep us in useless and fruitless rivalry and race.

Why are you in a fierce race with someone you do not have the same position, level and destination with?

Why are you in a violent competition with someone you do not have the same goal and ambition with?

Why are soo worried about things only God can change?, do what you can and leave the rest to Him.

Why are you still trying force yourself on people?, add value to yourself, they will one day search for you.

When we are too desperate to win in life, we over focus on trivialities and side attractions.

When we are over ambitious to succeed, everybody becomes our rival, opponent and detractor.

Why are you too desperate? Life is not all about winning, for you will not always win.

Do not rush, try to learn, know, understand the reality of life and move purposefully but prudently.


The fact that we hope and work for the best should not keep us blind to the hard but true realities of life.

The fact that you are positively ambitious should not move you to selfishly appropriate every good thing to yourself to the detriment of others.

There are people who always want to be chosen.

There are others who always want to teach and lead.

There are people who always want to be on the top.

There are people who always want to be heard.

It is not only immaturity but also an act of greed when we think all the best things should happen to us.

You cannot always get the best for yourself because you have a limitation.

You cannot always win because there can be better and stronger competitors for the very thing you aspire for.

The best things of the world are not your sole birth right, learn to be at peace when it gets in the hands of others.

Do not be over ambitious for property, position, success and fame, think of others as well.


Do we know the implications of what we normally stand for?

We mostly have something in common with those and what we stand for.

What and who we stand for reveals our hidden intentions and what we are capable of doing.

You cannot stand for mediocrity and at the same time strive for excellence.

You cannot promote vices and be virtuous at the same time.

You cannot support indiscipline and at the same time advocate discipline.

You cannot laud violence and at the same time preach peace.

Stand for who and what is worth emulating so that it will move you to do what is worthwhile.

Do not just stand for anybody or any ideology without verifying the moral sense behind them.

I stand for Truth! What do you stand for?


The weight of a burden is mostly reduced and joy is intensified when shared with the appropriate person.

Doing it all alone is not always a mark of competence but also an act of fear and selfishness.

We sometimes ignorantly conclude that without our contributions the world will be standstill.

Even God who is all powerful collaborates with human beings to carry out His duty.

Sometimes for the fear of sharing our dignity and fame, we deny others of their opportunity to rise under the pretext of hard work.

When we greedily over burden ourselves with the works and commitments others can help, it does not only affect the quality of the input and output, it also has adverse effect on our health.

Some people are too self-centered to the extent that they cannot even share their joys, successes, problems and failures.

Do what is expected of you and allow others to do what is expected of them. Collaborate with others, it is a divine trait.


A society that gives priority to mouths that lure and convince rather than minds and hands that invent is most likely to retrogress.

When we talk more than we do, we have less impact on the growth of our world.

We securely shield deviants and criminals but advocate and pray for peace and security.

We speak strongly against vices but we are silent onlookers when vices a perpetrated at our clear view.

We talk more about developmental plans and strategies but our choices and actions work are counter to progress.

Rhetoric mostly decorates and publicise the best road map to success but it does not automatically lead to success.

Words without works is a fruitless rhetorics, do not only trade on words, work as well.


In life, not all things are readily available and accessible, sometimes, we have to wait for them.

Many have lost great opportunities because they lacked the patience to wait.

Others are unable to know and understand realities and people due to their inability to wait.

It takes courage to wait.
It takes humility to wait.
It takes hope to wait.
It takes faith to wait.
It takes love to wait.
It takes time to wait.
It takes caution to wait.

It is unattractive and unpopular to wait but it pays to wait.

Waiting is not always passivity and waste of time but sometimes, a silent preparation for better and greater things.

There are so much in store for you in life, why can’t you wait?

You have waited too long, why can’t you wait anymore?

Do not give up, wait patiently but cautiously.


When I open my eyes to your strengths, achievements and possession, while I focus only on my weaknesses, failures and lacks, I feel am good for nothing and I wish I were you.

I only know your
possessions but I am blind to your responsibilities.

I only know your pleasant present, I am ignorant to your painful past.

I only know your infectious public smiles but I am not aware of your secret sobs.

I only know the good and joyful side of your family and vocation but I am ignorant of the sorrowful and unpleasant side.

I only know your salary but I am not aware of your toils and dangerous conditions of your work.

You may be led astray when you evaluate and envy people by focusing only on their good side.

Do not devalue and discourage yourself because of the strengths and accomplishments of others.

No matter who you are, value and accept your uniqueness, you cannot be the other person.


You cannot be a hero when you see yourself as a static zero.

If you value yourself to be hopeless nobody, it is extremely difficult to become somebody.

How we value ourselves determines the task we assign to ourselves.

If you think you can, you are energised to accomplish greatness irrespective of the challenges.

If you think you cannot, you are demoralised to to fail irrespective of the opportunities.

Never let your current hopeless situation discourage you and suppress your abilities to move on.

Be hopeful, positive, diligent and discipline in your nothingness, it will gradually move to the greatest height.