Protect your dignity…

The dog does not value and respect the dignity of the owner when the owner steps on its tail, it will definitely bite or bark him.

When we dishonourably lower our standards to touch the valuables of others, we give them the power to temper madly and mercilessly with our dignity, reputation and credibility.

People may value and accord you with great respect but they may not forgive you when they see you covet things close to their hearts.

Your position, authority and dignity do not in anyway give you the privilege to usurp anything you long for.

Do not be deceive by who you are, where you are, and what you have, you can easily lose them with single action.

Dignity and credibility are hard to gain and to regain, make conscious efforts to protect them.

God bless you.

We cannot equate possibility to actuality.

Life is like a game, taking a commanding and a comfortable lead does not merely mean you will definitely win.

The goal and dignity of life do only depend on taking a comfortable lead among our peers and competitors but living a meaningful and productive life.

We can be better than others but still wallow in mediocrity.

Seeing clear signs of victory does not mean we will automatically succeed. The table can easily turn against us when we lose guard and focus.

We cannot equate the possibility to succeed to success.

Be confident but never be complacent with where you are, press on till you succeed.

Strive for excellence rather than bragging to be better than others. Excellence will automatically set you apart from others.

*Is excellence your ultimate goal or is your aspiration to be better than others?*

Have a great week.

Work for unity

When simplicity and unity become our indelible identity, patience and tolerance become our greatest resolution. And we will be undoubtedly  rewarded with peace and dignity.

There is beauty and dignity in unity, hence,

Use your God given gifts to unite, not to divide.

Use your knowledge to correct, not to criticise.

Use your zeal to build up, not to destroy.

Use you words to heal, not to hurt.

We are liabilities when we, who are endowed to work for unity and progress become agents of division and confusion.

Use what you have and who you are to work for peace and unity, for there is beauty, sanity and dignity in unity.

God bless you.

Expect Anything…..

A concealed punch is far dangerous than a naked knife which can be blocked or dodged.

Naturally, we do not expect anything good from people we consider as enemies, hence, their bad action may hurt us but it may not surprise us.

On the other hand, we normally do expect good things from our loved ones, hence, their evil plan against us will not only surprise and hurt us, it can easily kill us.

Our deepest hurts is not from the enemy but from a loved one.

Our anxieties and nightmares are not caused by the actions of our detractors but by the inactions of those we trust.

Our greatest betrayal does not come from the camp of our critics but from our confidants.

*Human beings are not always predictable and reliable, so as you love and trust, lower your expectations but give allowance for disappointment, betrayal, unfaithfulness.*

Anything is possible in life, so expect anything from anybody, pleasant or unpleasant.

Have you equipped yourself to face the hurts and disappointments of those you really love and trust?

God bless you

Is truth a necessity or an option to you?

There is no best description than precision and exactitude.

To describe a reality below or beyond its nature is a false picture of that reality.

Truth is truth, we do not have to embellish truth before it becomes attractive and sweet to suit our taste. 

An embellished truth is and diluted truth and it eventually leads to falsehood.

Truth is normally nauseating and unattractive especially when it goes against us but it is transformative when it is accepted no matter how unpleasant it might to us.

Lover of truth is normally hated but eventually progresses.

A person who detests the truth is normally loved but eventually retrogresses in life.

Truth can be a necessity or it can be an option based on how you have formed yourself.

Do you love or hate the truth? 

God bless you.

Strive to begin well

Bad beginning does not automatically lead to bad ending but it unarguably draws us closer to failure and widens the gap between us and success.

When we lay a weak and faulty foundation, we need extra time, energy and resources to restart or to reshape it.

Sometimes, unused or abused opportunities and resources can never be regained.

Do not lose direction before you seek the right way, you can lose your strength, zeal  opportunities on the wrong direction.

Do not always fail before you double your efforts, always double your efforts to avoid failure.

We will not always start on the right note but we should make conscious strides to start well, for a good start brings us closer to success than to failure.

May you always plan and strategize well to lower the probability of failure in your life.

Remain in the love and peace of God.

Keep on, never quit

Life is like a tree; it is marked with seasons; we will not always have leaves, flowers and fruits. But the most hopeful aspect is that a flowerless, leafless and fruitless tree is not a useless tree.

In life,

You will not always be attractive.

You will not always be productive.

You will not always be constructive.

You might be fruitless and unattractive today but with time, hope and diligence, you can be fruitful and attractive tomorrow.

Not the cut tree but the uprooted tree seems hopeless. There is hope in every life.

Hardships and situations can reduce our hope, zeal and strength but they do not end our life.

Never let your current but challenging moment spell your doom.

You might be in your vegetative state, your flowering and fruitful season will surely come. Never quit, keep on.

God bless you.

Inner growth leads to outer beauty

Putting an old wine in a new bottle does not make it new.

Putting a new wine in an old bottle does not make it old.

The very nature of  people, product and a reality do not merely depend on their outward  appearance but on their inner make up.

Our real self is what matters most, our appearance is of less significance to our performance.

The change of the appearance of a chameleon does not change its nature and direction but the change of mind and direction of a chameleon determines its outward appearance.

The Short sighted normally focus on their external decoration at the expense of their inner growth.

The long sighted mostly invest in their inner growth to reap outer beauty in future.

May you always channel most of your resources for your inner growth, which automatically leads to external beauty.

God be with you and   have a blessed week.

You are the light to the world


You are called to reflect the divine light on world.

How potent and useful is your light? 

How far does your light travels?
Do you only brighten  yourself? Then you are an INSIDE light.
Do you only brighten for others to be aware of your presence? Then you are a FOG or PARKING light.
Do you only shine when you want to us people and opportunities? Then you are an INDICATING  light.
Do you only  brighten only to prevent accident? Then you are a HAZARD light
Do you shine for all, far and near to see you? 

Are you able adjust to suit situations and people?

Then you are a HEAD light.
Which of the lights are you?
Let your light to all to see the glory of God.

Appreciate the good in others

It takes humble hearts and mature minds to acknowledge and accept their failings and at the same time appreciate the good works of others even though they reveal their weaknesses and irresponsibility.

It takes immature minds and proud hearts to envy the accomplishments of others even though they confirm their strength.

Complimenting others does not subtract anything from our greatness and dignity.

Envy on the other hand does not add anything to our worth and dignity,  rather increases our sorrows, hurts and anxiety.

Envying the achievements of others is a self enslavement bitters, avoid it.

Acknowledging the great works of others is a liberating syrup, cherish it.

May you always value and appreciate the good in others.

God be with you.