A fish will still be thirsty in the abundance of water it stays if it does not make any effort to open its mouth to drink.

No matter how efficient a tool is, it will be useless in the hands of the lazy and the mediocre.

Good music, inspirational sermons, life transforming seminars and prudent admonitions are all useless and powerless to the closed minds and stoned hearts.

Your zeal and disposition can either enhance or block your zeal to receive grace, blessing, knowledge and skills.

You will still be hungry when you do not swallow food forced into your mouth.

You will still be a failure in the midst of abundant resources and opportunities when you do not make any effort to utilise them.

Success is not always attained on luck but it comes to those who plan, prepare and work for it.



Sometimes, it is needless to worry too much on unpleasant but inevitable realities that we cannot control.

Stop worrying about those who hate you, not all will love you.

Stop worrying about those who underrate you, not all have the eye to see what is valuable.

Stop worrying about those who abandon you, not all have the heart to accommodate you.

Stop worrying about those who do not value and understand your viewpoint, not all can think outside their box.

Stop worrying about what you cannot control, there are things beyond your abilities.

Life is too short to waste it on the life of anxiety, be happy but keep focus on your goal.


Everybody has a rag in his house but we normally hide them and reveal our cleanest and best clothes to the public.

People are tagged wise, discipline and civilised not because, they lack stupidity and ignorance but because, they know how, when and where to reveal them.

How do you expect people to have confidence in you when you are always revealing your weaknesses to the public?

How do you expect people to value and respect you when you are always displaying your dark side?

People see, value, accept and treat us based on how we present ourselves to them.

Do not be hypocrite, be prudent, know who, where, when and how you reveal your imperfections, it is a mark of maturity.


Having the best driving skills and a well maintained vehicle are not enough to keep us from road accidents, it also depends on how we comply with road safety rules.

Having the finest tool is not enough to facilitate our efficiency. It also depends on how we prudently and effectively use the tool.

In spite of their valuable resources, many individuals, institutions and nations are struggling to develop because they are over focused on their resources to the detriment of the rules guiding the usage of such resources.

You may be intelligent, well trained and equipped with opportunities to succeed but indiscipline can easily cause your failure in life.

On the road to success, it is not enough to be endowed, equipped with golden opportunities, you have to be disciplined as well.


The sunlight may render the candlelight redundant but it cannot prevent the candle from burning.

So far as there are people to do things better than us should not prevent us from taking initiatives.

The availability of sources and experts to copy and quote from should not in any way discourage us from thinking on our own to bring up new ideas.

Learn for the strengths and limitations of great achievers and move at your own pace and shine at your own range.

No matter who you are, you have some unique qualities to offer to your generation.

Value your uniqueness and never allow the great accomplishments of other dissuade your little, gradual but purposeful efforts.


Loud and eloquent speakers do not make any impact when they have no audience.

In a society where everyone talks, no one listen.

Where everyone preaches, no one gets converted.

Where everyone teaches, no one learns.

Where everyone leads, no one follows.

Where everyone is wise, no firm decisions are made.

We cannot grow and succeed as individuals or nation when we only have unquenchable zeal to give instructions but reluctant to take instructions.

Sometimes, it is better to give way for others to teach and lead you, it is not only a mark of maturity, it is also a positive stride towards greatness.


Experiencing great warmth in her congested room, Aku, on one sunny but windy afternoon keeps her window ajar to allow fresh air into her warm room.

Surprisingly, the widely opened window did not only allow fresh air into the room, it also paved way for dust, rubbish to enter the room.

Worst of all, a thief, through the window, went away with some valuable belongings of Aku.


1: Set limits on who can come into your life, you can be free with everybody but not all can be your friend.

2: When we are too open, we do not only lure people to be our friends, we also give our enemies, the chance to distract and to destroy us.

3: Do not aspire only joy, peace and company from your openness, also prepare yourself to be soiled, hurt and betrayed.


The role of ball boys is silent but it is very useful in the game of football.

Though they do not have much influence on the game, they promote the continuous flow of the game.

You might not have enough money and deep knowledge to share.

You might not have rich words to motivate and challenge others.

You might not have power and gift to lead and to influence others.

But your silent presence and ordinary deeds are enough to make someone feel loved and get motivated to move on.

You do not have to do extraordinary things before you can be valuable and useful.

Your value is not merely in the hugeness and the popularity of your deeds but in the usefulness and relevance of your deeds.

Never underrate yourself. Do what you can do best, no matter how little it might be, it will have positive impact on somebody’s life.

Focus on your little but mighty deeds, not on popular but irrelevant deeds.


One can jump without stepping on a springboard but it provides a favourable take off for the jumper.

Many people fail in life because they look down and ignore their springboard to seek the ultimate.

Your current situation might not be the best, do not underestimate it, work and prepare yourself for better and greater things.

Your current position might be degrading, work your heart out, it will usher you to a prestigious one.

Your current job might not be much rewarding, work diligently, it will open more rewarding opportunities for you.

Springboards are unattractive but necessary pushers to greatness.

Springboard is not your final destination, it is a transition point to your final destination.

You cannot always rise directly to your goal and destination, never ignore unpleasant but necessary springboards in your life.


Life is not well lived when one is always at the forefront. It is sometimes better to be at the backstage to learn, know, understand, experience and to improve on whatever we do.

When we always teach without learning, we will lose the relevance of our knowledge and messages.

When we always lead without following we will definitely lose direction.

When we always talk without listening, we will one day lose our authority and audience.

When you always work without resting, you can easily lose our strength and what you are working for.

Sometimes, it is better to pause, rest, look, listen and learn to be renewed and equipped to continue the challenging journey of life.

Learn to pause to learn, it is a recipe for great accomplishment.