You are an actor, there are several viewers, analysts, commentators and critics to whatever you do.

As soon as we are born, we become actors on the stage of life, people look at us and assess our actions.

People will assess you based on their peculiar knowledge, experience and orientation. Their views about you are mostly dependent on how they see you, not merely who you are.

Do not let the opinions of others discourage you. Be of yourself and do what is right.



Life is like a beauty contest, we do not necessarily have to win the full heart
all the judges before we can be adjudged the best.

In life we might not get the total support from others and the environment but that should not block us from succeeding.

You do not have to wait for all hurdles to get eliminated before you make efforts to reach your goal, learn to overcome them.

You do not have to do away with your detractors before you can succeed, strive to outwit them.

You do not have to silence your critics before you can remain focus, learn to prove them wrong.

Work for your growth and success in condition you find yourself.


We might not know the sweetness or the sourness of a fruit unless we taste it.

You might not know the depth of a river unless you step into it.

There are some realities of life that you can know and understand only when they happen to you.

You may not understand why people behave in certain way but they can best tell what they are going through.

Find out before you begin to judge and condemn others.


Drums are to accompany the words and the rhythm of the music but they are not to overshadow them.

People in your life are to add value to your worth, they are not to destroy your identity and worth.

Those who assist you are to cushion your efforts, they are not to usurp your responsibilities.

People may influence, support and direct you but not all supports are useful to your goal, and not all directions lead you to your intended destination.

Critically evaluate the views of others and lessons from circumstances of life before you adopt them relevantly to your life.


Unless the tree sheds its old leaves, it will never have new ones.

Sometimes, it is better to let go what is precious to you in order to gain is priceless.

Do not be over complacent with who you are now, it could be your greatest hindrance to greatness.

Be careful of what you have at hand, it can easily block better things from reaching you.

Be mindful of what you cling to, it can prevent you from moving on.

Some comforting things can be crippling and destructive, learn to lose to gain.


So far as the horse is noted for running does not mean the chameleon cannot also run on its pace.

We are not the same,
We might be in different fields with different orientations, abilities, expectations and destinations.

*Never let the fast moving jet discourage you from crawling.*

Do not see yourself as useless due to the great achievements of others.

Value and improve the little you can do.

Work diligently within your unique pace and direction.

God bless you.


The balanced combination of other ingredients and proper cooking skills contribute to make a soup sumptuous, not merely availability of meat.

Your existence does not automatically warrant your success, it mostly dependent on how you manage your gifts and the chances that come your way.

What you will become tomorrow will be heavily hinged on what you do today.

When we think, judge, decide and act anyhow, the outcome is mostly ordinary and uninspiring.

Do not only boast of your existence but make conscious efforts to put things in place to make your existence meaningful.


In our ardent search for gold, diamond does not become a useless mineral.

Looking for food to satiate our hunger does not render water useless.

Appointing and honouring earthly kings and leaders does not usurp the omnipotent role of God, the eternal King.

Seeking eternity does not merely render the temporal world evil and nothing worth to be valued and sought for.

When our minds are hugely tilted to spiritual things, there is a high tendency to look down on physical things.

Our physical existence and conditions serve as a platform for all our spiritual activities.
Our spiritual aspect on the other hand engines and powers our physical existence.

You are not an angel, you are not only in a spiritual realm so value and improve your physical, social, economic and political lives.

May you always balance your life with spiritual and physical things.


The state of a book determines how it is handled and how the owner of the book is treated.

Our actions, words and deeds normally determine how people treat us.

Do not expect people to respect you when you do not respect yourself.

No one will love and accept you if you do not love and accept yourself.

Your abilities will not be valued and trusted if you do not trust in yourself.

People mostly treat us based on how we treat ourselves.

Strive to act decently so that it can inspire others to treat you honourably and respectfully.


In as much as the seed of a mango is bigger than the seed of cocoa does not merely make the fruits of mango more valuable than the fruits of cocoa.

In the same way it does not render the fruit of mango useless.

Our worth does not depend on the quantity of talents we are endowed but the quality and the usefulness of our talents to others and the world.

We are gifted based on our capacities.

Some people are able to achieve a lot and are having much positive impact on the lives others.

Having a minimal impact on the lives of others does not make you useless. You are important in your unique way.

Never underrate your abilities because of the great accomplishments of your peers.

Accept and value yourself and improve upon what you have been endowed.