Do not expect soft bones but focus on developing strong teeth to break any bone handed to you.

Our mark of intelligence does not merely depend on our ability to seek easy routes of life but our zeal to form ourselves to face and overcome the hurdles that comes our way.

We will never develop when we devote our precious time and resources to lower the standards of life instead of equipping ourselves to uphold the standards of life.

It is better to search for inner strength and courage than to seek non-existing challenge-free life.

Do not always aspire to meet loving and humble people, pray for a loving heart and tolerance to relate well with anyone you meet.

We can easily change our own attitudes and cravings but it is extremely difficult to control the attitude and desires of others.

When we are well prepared we can excel no matter the difficulty of the questions life puts before us.

May you always seek inner strength rather easy ways.



Do not over-rely on your sympathizers and well-wishers, they will not only affirm your shortfalls and irresponsibility, they will also conceal the best in you.

Do not be vexed with those who challenge you, they might be boring and nauseating but when they are valued and accepted with patience, they will unconsciously banish the evil and mediocrity in you and eventually bring out the best in you.

Challenging situations and times reveal our inadequacies and intensify our sense of need and move us to be creative.

Well-wishers and favourable times normally make us complacent and they dampen our zeal to take initiatives.

May you always capitalize on your challenges and challengers to speed up your growth.


Life is not always predictable, be very careful of what you do when things go in your favour.

What is new now will certainly become old.

What people are rushing for today will one day not be worth seeking.

A giver can become a beggar.

A doctor can become a patient.

A teacher can become a student.

Do not over depend on what is passing. Seek what lasts.

Your value is not merely in your current state or circumstance, but how you manage who you are, and how you respond to circumstances around you.


Not knowing the existence of a reality does not render it non-existent.

Not understanding an idea or a policy does not mean it is false and irrelevant.

Not being part of a group does not make it useless.

You cannot be the wisest person and the only yardstick in the world to determine the authenticity or the otherwise of everything you see and hear.

Do not base on your ignorance to uphold or to condemn the practices and accomplishments of people and institutions and hastily tag them good or bad.

In the world where mediocrity is adored, many are made heroes and experts based on their blunt display of ignorance.

When we glorify and celebrate ignorance, growth becomes a dream.

Being ignorant and at the same time proud and incorrigible is more dangerous and demeaning than folly.

Your ignorance should silence and make you humble to learn.


Not matter how proficient a player, there is someone to replace him when he gets injured or retires.

Do not think that your family, institution, group and generation will cease to exist without you contributions.

Someone, even better than you will immediately take your place.

Your unique role to the world is very necessary but it is never indispensable.

You are not the hinge on which the world hangs. Swallow your pride, the world will still exist without your contributions.

Be humbled, competent people like you are available to assume your role.


When we depend solely on our trusted personal convictions to decide, we are likely to act myopically.

When we rely solely on those we trust to decide, we are likely to decide on the wrong fact.

Your personal convictions are mostly limited, learn from others.

People you trust do not always have the accurate facts, learn to verify.

Truth is readily available but it is mostly expensive.

Search and act on the truth, not on your favourite convictions and the authority behind a claim.


We are unique gifts to each other presented in pleasant and unpleasant packages.

No matter who you are, what you have and where you are, you are either the source of motivation or challenge, joy or sorrow, to others.

Anybody who comes into our lives leaves a mark either to give us a nice or bitter lessons to learn from.

The strengths of others challenge us to bring the good in us.

The refusal of others to help moves us to be innovative.

The failings of others normally make us more vigilant and cautious in our dealings.

Never underestimate the value and the role of anybody who comes into your life.

The actions and inactions in one way or the other shape or mar our personality.


Life is like a game, appropriate and right time substitution can maintain or change the course and the destination of our life.

Sometimes, we can only succeed when we make relevant replacement of vital but detractive and destructive elements in our life.

In other situations, we can only make it when we keep intact and improve our players and tactics on the field of life.

Some replacements can cause failure and irredeemable damages. Critically examine before you make changes.

Life is a dynamic game, we need a dynamic and up to date coaches to read and strategize to win the game of life.

You are the head coach of your life, open your senses to know what, who, how and when to make changes in your life, it can make or mar your life.


Our knowledge becomes irrelevant and even a potential threat when we are always in diligent search of ideas, insights, facts and figures but fail to consider their prudent and judicious applications.

Being knowledgeable does not merely make us wise, there is a possibility of knowledgeable fool.

Our education does not merely make us prudently and morally sound, there are people who are enlightened but immoral and undisciplined.

Being a scholar or an expert does not readily make you an asset, there are experts who are great liability to their world.

Our knowledge and expertise become useless when they are unused or abused.

It is not enough to know, learn to use what you know prudently and productively.


Our greatest problem in life is mostly ourselves.

The actions of others to obstruct our efforts will be efficient when we give in to their distractions.

Your fears, incompetence, indifference, indiscipline, arrogance, ignorance and misconceptions can easily impede and even destroy your efforts to reach your goal.

If you are unable to identify the vices within you, how can you destroy the enemy without?

Do not invest your energy in shooting the poverty in you but shoot the laziness and negative attitude in you.

You cannot always determine how people and your environment should treat you but you can form an accommodating attitude.

You cannot always change things that happens around you but you can change your attitude towards them.

Examine yourself first because, your actions and inactions are mostly the cause of your rise and fall.

Learn to banish the progress – impeding elements in you.