The farmer uproots and destroys the weed seedling not because it is harmful at that tender stage but because of its potency to be harmful.

You might not have much but people will hate and envy you because of your potency to work and to possess much.

You might be struggling but people will try to suppress you because you have a promising potency to rise and succeed.

Your current situation might not be the best, but your untapped asset (Potency) should be your greatest motivation to move on in life.

Stay positive.



A block road does not end our journey, it rather opens our eyes to divert to use alternative roads.

Your lost opportunity should not terminate your efforts to fulfill your goals, let it be an opportunity to utilise other opportunities.

Your failure is not your end, capitalize on it to re-strategize, re- energize and re-try other alternatives.

Stay blessed.



Flowers appear beautiful than leaves but leaves have longer life span than flowers.

Not all that are attractive last, be careful of juicy but tasteless options, policies and promises.

Not all that last are appealing, look for character, not only beauty.

To find meaning and fulfillment in life, seek what lasts, not what lures.

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Where there are several opportunities to be utilized, we mostly waste them without any sense of loss and hope for another chance.

*Success is not merely assured by the availability of several golden opportunities, but by the relevant utilisation of even a single opportunity.*

We get closer to failure, the more we waste the available opportunities of life.

Do not wait for another or better chance, use the available chance, it might be your only and last chance in life.

Stay blessed.


Joy is a constitutive element for good living but it can land us into lasting sorrow and misery when it is not controlled.

When joy is solely moved by emotions, people are overly optimistic, lower standards and act without breaks and caution.

Joy becomes fruitful and responsible when it promotes human dignity and common good.

Enjoy responsibly by checking your joyful moves with reason and regulations.

Have a blessed day.


You do not have to know there before you can get there.

You do not necessarily have to be experienced before you can start.

Do not be discouraged, the experts and the experienced personalities started like you.

You can make it, make an effort, there is difficulty but possibility in every first attempt.

Stay blessed.


The mousetrap cannot kill human beings but it can wound human beings.

We might be indifferent to the challenges of others because they seem far and irrelevant to us, but they(challenges) can have a ripple affect on us.

We are interconnected, hence, the peace and progress of others directly or indirectly promote our wellbeing.

Do not close your eyes and ears to the problems of others, they may affect you one day.

Stay blessed.


No matter how intelligent, knowledgeable and experienced you are, you cannot have answers to every problem.

There is something wrong with us when we confidently conclude that we have solution to every problem of life.

You have a limit, never let what you know and what you have experienced make you ignorant that you do not know all and cannot answer every question in life.

God bless and keep you.


It is dangerous to drive speedily on an unknown road.

The best attitude for driving safely on an unknown route is patience.

You need patience to drive through the hills, valleys, smooth, rough, straight and curves roads of life.

You are not in a race, do not rush. Be vigilant and patient on the unknown road of life.

God bless and keep you.