No matter how friendly your pet, it will naturally bite you when you mistakenly step on its sensitive part.

We are prone to revenge by our human nature. Forgiveness is possible but it is not easy to be carried out unreservedly when people we least expected hurt us repeatedly.

Be careful of your actions and inactions because even the one who consoles you can suddenly revenge when you mistakenly step on his or her toes.

Human beings are like chameleon, our movement, appearance and deeds are normally dictated by the actions of people and the environment we find ourselves.

Be prepared, your healer today, can be the one to hurt you tomorrow.

Never bang all your hopes in unpredictable entities, it is a surer way to reduce hurts and disappointments in life.



Do not judge others solely by your world, knowledge and experience.

Who you are,
Where you are,
What you have gone through, are not a universal yardstick to measure the actions of others.

Others might not have gotten to your level of knowledge and experience, why do you evaluate people strictly by your standard?

Be sensitive. Never impose your world on others. Learn to understand the particular situation of people.


The beauty of a flower cannot prevent it from withering.

The beauty, the wisdom, the strength and the achievement of a man can never grant him immortality.

The common trait of all that exist is extinction.

Popularity and dignity fades with time.

Current issues will surely become a thing of the past.

Your unprecedented achievements will not be remembered in days to come.

You can never dodge this reality.

As you value the gift of life, prepare for the reality of death.


We will hardly reach our destination when we solely focus on the distance covered without finding out the distance left to be covered.

It is easier to number our accomplishments, but there is difficulty is remembering our inabilities.

Do not only focus on what you have, find out what you lack.

Do not only be happy with what you have done, find out what you have not been able to do.

You cannot succeed when you only pride yourself with your abilities, work on your wrongs and inabilities.

Complecants hardly attain greatness. Be humble to know and work on your inabilities.


Many people are hastily abandoning their identity, faith, principles and ideologies not because they are bad, but because they are criticized.

Criticism is not always reliable means to tag ideas, people and institutions as bad.

Our critics are not always the reliable yardstick for authentic living. Critics also have their limitations.

Critics are not always right and the criticized are not always wrong.

Critics are not always better than the those criticized.

Learn from your critics but never ever allow them to impose on you their irrelevant wishes to distort your true identity and goal in life.


When your best is not enough to make you succeed, people will hardly acknowledge your efforts.

When your best is not enough to meet the expectations of others, people will hardly value your good intentions.

When your best is not enough to please others, people will hardly appreciate your good works.

Sometimes, our mediocrity could grant us success, at other times, our best is not enough to keep us going.

A hard reality to accept; you cannot always win even with your best efforts.

Your best efforts will not always be valued, acknowledged and appreciated.

Strive to give out your best even if it is not enough.


The back of the wood is easily set ablaze than the wood itself.
But when lighted, the fire in the wood lasts longer than that of the back.

Decisions motivated by only externals and emotions are quick to be initiated but do not normally last.

Rational decisions are mostly difficult to start, but they are mostly guided and sustained.

Let your actions be sparked by how you feel and sustained by how you think.


People can easily know the outcome of our efforts when we consistently think and act the same way.

Our opponents can get the antidote to our strategy when we consistently stick to only one strategy.

Consistent use of one idea, skill and strategy mostly enhances effectiveness but it does not always guarantee success.

A dynamic and creative competitor cannot be easily predicted.

Do not be predictable, be creative to make relevant amends and improvement to suit your opponents and changing times.


The old man cannot become a youth even if he is accepted as a youth and behaves as youth.

When the wrong thing is done repeatedly, it looks like right but it does not make it right.

Popular approval does not in anyway right a wrong, it rather reduces the guilt attached that wrongdoing.

Not all that are popularly accepted are morally sound.

Do what is morally approved, not merely what is popularly approved.


Unless the tree sheds its old leaves, it will never have new ones.

Sometimes, it is better to let go what is precious to you in order to gain is priceless.

Do not be over complacent with who you are now, it could be your greatest hindrance to greatness.

Be careful of what you have at hand, it can easily block better things from reaching you.

Be mindful of what you cling to, it can prevent you from moving on.

Some comforting things can be crippling and destructive, learn to lose to gain.