Even if a faulty machine is beyond repairs, its parts could be useful.

No one is without a quality. Your mistake in life does not in any way make you totally bad.

Do not be desperate when you are seen as not acknowledged and valued by others.

An abandoned bone is the delicacy of the dog, you will definitely be useful to others.

Be patient and optimistic, unveil the qualities in you and utilise them relevantly.


We cannot stop the rain from falling but we can prevent it from wetting us.

We cannot control how people should see us and what they should think and talk about us but we can decide not to let them discourage us.

Do not let people kill your initiative because of their ignorance and inability to adapt to change.

Do not look down on yourself because of what people say about you.

Do not give up even when the one you look up to fail to support you.

You progress, peace and joy are not merely determined by the actions of others, they are hugely dependent on your attitude and reactions.


The usefulness of an act is mostly based on its relevance, not merely on its popularity.

We try to be competent in big platforms but ineffective in our silent corners.

We are vociferous in the crowd but dead silent when we meet people personally.

We have less difficulty is seeking high knowledge but we make brush common sense aside.

We are mostly generous in front of the camera but we are selfish behind the camera.

Be moved by relevance, not popularity.


The ant does not only store food for the future, it eats today, to sustains itself to enjoy what it has stored for tomorrow.

When you have access to the best you do not use the worst that can demean and destroy us.

We mostly focus too much on the future to the neglect of the present.

In an attempt to secure a better future, we sometimes defer joy, rest and things that sustains our life.

Today is equally important as tomorrow.

If you do not survive today, how can you enjoy the better things stored for you tomorrow?

Use the present as a preparation for the future.


We readily and gleefully accept the positive things about us, but find difficult to accept what is true but unpleasant.

One fact you should know is that, you do not know everything. You have a blind side.

One reality you should not forget is that you are a human. You have limitations.

One thing you should not be afraid of is to fear failure. You can also fail.

To grow and to attain greatness, learn to accept and to work on the real but unpleasant realities about you.


Even an obedient pet will not willfully follow its owner when he enters a blazing fire or commands it to enter.

We sometimes consciously copy blindly, the bad actions of others, not because they are relevant to us but because they are popular.

Do not just obey the authority behind the message or the action but the imports and authority in the message and the action.

Do not just imitate or obey blindly, rather analyze critically, any advice, message, command, product and proposal before applying them.


Before we can get the best from an entity, it must go through several tests.

Test is difficult but it reveals our true nature, who we have become and what we have.

The test of life can bring out the best in you, it also bring out the worst in you.

The test of life can make you better. It can also make you bitter.

The test of life can build you, it can also break you down.

There is still life after a failed test, do not be discouraged, keep on.

There are still opportunities after a failed test, do not give up, give another try.

Learn from the several tests of life, they are opportunities to grow.


When you officiate your own match, you will easily emerge victorious.

Most of us are on the path of retrogression because we adjudge ourselves to be faultless and finest end product.

Since the flawless does not need correction, any mishap in our life is attributed to the malicious deeds of others; without taking a look at our weaknesses, inabilities and negligence.

Stop making yourself victorious in all contests of your life.

You are not yet perfect, you are capable of making mistakes.

Accept responsibility of your actions, build on it and move towards your set goal.


Do not adjudge yourself as finest and most productive when you lead with one eye in the midst of the totally blind.

You will lose your power and usefulness when the blind gain total sight.

Do not capitalize on the ignorance, inexperience and inabilities of others to project your worth and greatness.

Seek excellence, even when you are the best in a mediocre society. The mediocre will improve to overtake you.

Your current cherished value will be useless in some time to come, get updated.


When you give with the left hand, do not convincingly expect the recipient to accept it with the right hand.

Our actions mostly dictate the reactions of others.

How we view and treat people are an active leads for others to view and to treat us.

Human exchanges are highly reciprocal, we are mostly paid back in our own coin.

Even in a wicked and ungrateful society, learn to treat others well, the dividend will be paid based on your investment.