Favourites are not always winners and winners are not always favourites.

Our past glories can easily make us a likely winners but only our current discipline, diligence and dedication can grant us victory.

It is not enough to be a favourite on paper due to your rich history, you need to have quality to maintain your past accomplishments.

Your rich history does not automatically guarantee your future victory, improve your performance for future successes.

Your past can either give you false hope or false fear.

Learn from your past, do not be carried away or be discouraged by your past.



Not knowing the existence of a reality does not render it non-existent.

Not understanding an idea does not mean it is false and irrelevant.

Not being part of a group does not make it useless.

You cannot be the only yardstick to determine the authenticity or the otherwise of everything you see and hear.

Do not base on your ignorance to uphold or to condemn the practices and accomplishments of people and institutions and hastily tag them good or bad.

In the world where mediocrity is adored, many are made heroes and experts based on their blunt display of ignorance.

When we glorify and celebrate ignorance, growth becomes a mirage.

Being ignorant and at the same time proud and incorrigible is more dangerous and demeaning than folly.

Let your ignorance silence and make you humble to learn.


The hardness of a shell does not in any way discourage us from getting the nut.

The distance, detractors and the dangers on the road of life should not prevent you from reaching your destination.

When the destination values more than the challenges, the distracting effects of the challenges reduces.

Never allow the hardships you are going through dissuade you from reaching your goal.

Be moved by the sweetness of the nut, do not allow the hardness of the shell discourage you.

Let your goal motivate you. Do not be discouraged by your setbacks


In the school of life, no one is destined to be a perpetual teacher or a student.

At certain point in time, we humbly sit at the feet of others to be led to the light.

Sometimes, others benefit from our stock of knowledge and rich experiences.

It is a deficiency to be always at the giving end.

It is likewise a weakness to be always at the receiving end.

You do not always have to work for others, you have to create avenues for others to work for you.

You do not always have to ask for prayers, you have to pray for others as well.

May you always be balanced in giving and receiving.


Disposal materials are thrown away immediately they carry out their purpose.

No matter how valuable you are, you will one day be disposable.

People normally value and accept you so far as you fulfill a purpose in their lives. They will hate and abandon you when you are not useful to them.

Do not be carried away by your gifts, you be accepted and applauded today but you will be irrelevant tomorrow.


It is no news when we experience storm on the sea. Challenges are part of life.

Experiencing storm does not merely mean you are drowning.

Your current challenges do not merely spell your doom, it is a matter of being strong and firm.

Your current pain is passing, it is matter of time and patience.

Never let the storms of life discourage you from moving on in the voyage of life.


It is natural and normal to do good things for yourself, but it becomes an achievement when you do good to others.

The heroes of the world are remembered not because they were merely gifted but they put their gifts at the service of others.

Your knowledge, experience, wealth and position are like seeds, they only bear fruits only when they are put at the soil of the service of others.

Do not hide your gifts to lose them, use them for the good of all.


Life is not like counting of numbers where one can predict the next number to said.

Even to the best of our knowledge and experience, we cannot always and accurately tell what will happen.

Life does not always follow logical sequence.

Hope and work for the best but expect anything.


A person who has no idea about the history of his society is like an adventurer who does not know the distance covered, where he is and the distance ahead.

Never think you that you are the finest in your generation.

Many people have passed where you are now.

Ignorance of the past makes us hastily adjudge ourselves to be excellent but our accomplishments might not even match the actions of mediocre personalities in history.

When we are ignorant of the past,

We mostly criticize and judge without facts.

We normally behave as if we are perfect and indispensable.

We make hasty conclusions and maltreat people.

Learn from the past, it is one of the surest and clearest guidelines to successful life.

Acknowledge your past to build on the present in order to approach the future with hope and right attitude.


Not all hard covered fruits have hard pulp.

Do not rush to form perceptions based external looks.

Do you know the floor beneath the nice carpet?

Do you know the body inside the spotless gown?

Do you know the face behind the veil?

Do you know the character behind the beautiful and luring appearance?

You are likely to make faulty judgment and decision when you base solely on appearance.

Some entities have charming appearance but substantially of low quality.

Others are unappealing to the eye but they are inwardly beautiful and useful.

The unappealing person, the unpopular policy and product you are rejecting today may become your source of success tomorrow and the attractive ones can become your retrogressive tools.

Do not be deceived by only what you see but evaluate the nature of people, policies and products in totality.