When the world gives up on you, never give up on yourself, you can make a difference.

When the tables turn against you, be positive, for there are opportunities so far you never lose hope.

When everybody doubts your abilities and competence, believe in yourself, for there is possibility in positivity.

When people think you cannot do it, put in your maximum best to prove them wrong.

Do not give in to their condemnation, discouragement, mockery and suppressive comments, work hard to change your violent suppressors to become your loyal supporters.



We cannot always make it all by your sole effort, sometimes, we need others.

Never forget the silent and selfless movers who worked for your wellbeing and success.

Someone starved to keep you satisfied.

Someone’s fall enhanced your rise.

Someone endured pains for you to enjoy peace.

Someone lost his identity to secure your dignity.

Someone was ashamed to create your fame.

Some feet were stepped on in order to speed up your progress.

Be humble, do not be carried away by your current abilities, wealth, position and fame, you might be the product of someone’s toils and fall.


Even a lifeless tree can be useful, it is capable of producing mushrooms and firewood.

You might have failed and fallen but that does not make you good for nothing, there is something useful in you.

With positive mentality and unshaken zeal, you can be productive even in your seeming hopeless and useless state.

People may discourage, underrate and condemn you but you will be useless and relegated only when you allow their comments to dictate your pace and destination.

Keep on, you are still valuable, never let your darkest moments suppress the value and the potentials in you.


It takes much time and words to discourage the one who understands and is convinced of his choice and stand.

When we are convinced of what we are doing, hardly will people or situation succeed in discouraging us.

Conviction gives mental strength and courageous zeal to move on irrespective of distractions and distortions.

Conviction disuades and deters detractors, it puts them in a losing start and makes discouragement an uphill task.

Be convinced before you choose and be convinced of your choice, it is a step towards joy, peace and progress.


Life is like playing cards, we only win when we play our cards well.

Having the best cards cannot automatically guarantee our victory, it hugely depends on how best we play it.

We may have the resources, skills and the opportunities to succeed but if we do not know how, where and when to use them, we can fail.

Do not live your life anyhow, success is for those plan, prepare and strategize for it, not for those who totally depend on luck.

Do not just play the cards of life, learn how best to play them.


Best strikers in a football game do not only rely on empty net before they score goals, they take advantage of any chance and blunder to score.

We are likely to be lazy and undeveloped when we only wait for golden and great chances before we try.

We are likely to be stingy when we only wait to have much before we give.

Great opportunities mostly propel success but do not wait to get them before you make an effort.

Start with the little at hand, it will open greater and better opportunities for you.


If our very existence as human beings has a limit, our abilities will certainly be limited by conditions and time.

Your speed has a limit.

Your courage has a limit.

Your patience has a limit.

Your knowledge has a limit.

Your tolerance has a limit.

Your strength has a limit.

Your abilities will never be constant, they will wane and eventually be lost with time.

Do not be carried away by what you can do and what you have now, they have their stipulated area and time of operation and existence.


Decorations mostly present appealing but false image of a reality.

We normally decorate to cover up and beautify an unpleasant appearance.

Some people decorate their pains and sorrows with feign smiles.

Others cover up their problems and ugly side with nice and spotless show offs as if all is well.

Decorations are temporal beautifiers and pain soothers, they give us false view of what we are truly going through.

Do not take pride in decorating your challenges to please others, it is an act of self-deception.

All the best in all that you do.


The effect of light is not best felt on the day time, it best shines and used in the dark.

Our knowledge is of less value and relevance when it is exercised among the enlightened.

Effectively utilize your knowledge to correct wrongs, to brighten darkened perceptions and to enlighten the ignorant.

Being knowledgeable does not merely end in the acquisition of knowledge, where and how it is used is very significant.

Have a great day.


Life is a journey on a thorny and rocky route, if others do not hurt us, circumstances or we will wound ourselves.

The scars from the hurts should never dissuade us from moving on, let them guide and guard your efforts and relationships.

Your wounds and scars are cautions, not to counter your efforts to move on.

Never allow the hurts, betrayals and rejections of life dampen your zeal to grow and to be fruitful.