No one is strictly protected from failure and misfortune; it is a hard reality, not a curse.

You are a victor today, you can be a victim tomorrow.

You are exploiting today, you can be exploited tomorrow.

You have defeated them, someone will one day defeat you.

You took someone’s place, someone will certainly take your place.

You will not be the same forever, be prepared for the unpleasant realities of life.


The authenticity of people, ideas and products are best known when we are privy to their best state.

We can best know the counterfeit when we already know the genuine.

Falsehood is easily identified when we know the truth.

Ignorance is best detected when we have knowledge.

Know the best in order to best know the worst.


The quality of the wine is not determined by the the newness of the bottle.

The quality of a wine is determined by the quality of its ingredients.

Your breakthrough and success are not merely in newness and the numerical beauty of the year.

Your diligence, discipline and dedication are non-negotiable catalyst to your success.

Your old bad ways cannot guarantee your joy, peace and progress in the new year.

Work to make things happen, do not wait for things to happen to you.


Do not only focus on the bad days to hoot and curse the passing year, be grateful for the good days.

You will not always fail, improve on your successes and learn from your challenges.

There is nothing like a challenge free year, learn from your challenges and be thankful for your fortunes.

Not all treated you well, appreciate those who appreciated you, forgive those who abused you.

Your life is your greatest asset, you now have life, be happy and thankful.

Notwithstanding your challenges and failings, be happy and appreciative as the year ends.


The best year is mostly the coming year.

The best year is always a dream, but you can create some for yourself.

The year is a raw material, your attitude, creativity, diligence and discipline will make the year best or worst for you.

Do not just wish for the best things to happen to you, it rarely happens, work for better.

Bring out the best in you, so that you can get the best from the year.


The strength of your competitor determines the value of your victory.

We cannot beat the worst to become the best. We must beat the best to become the best.

So far as you are the first in your average companions does not make you excellent.

Your mediocre choices and performance cannot give you excellent achievement.

Do not be complacent for being the best in the worst, try to be the best in the best.


When you are able to cross the river, do not destroy the bridge behind you, it might be useful to you in your journey back.

When you are fortunate to reach your intended destination, do not abandon the people and strategies that helped you. You might need them one day.

Life is not always predictable, you might not know when the need may arise for you to relaunch your goals and careers.

You might not know when the push of abandoned companions and the neglected strategy could prevent your fall and propel you to the greater heights.

You are not a finished product, no matter who you are, and where you are, you will still need the help of others.


In inheritance, we do not only take over assets, we inherit liabilities as well.

When we take the credit for what we have not done, we also take the blame for what we have no control of.

Every complimentary remark has its corresponding possible criticism in as much as we are capable of making mistakes.

People may ignorantly praise you for the accomplishments of others but be prepared for the blames attached.


The road seems blocked at a distance but it opened when we get closer.

The task seems impossible when we view it with negative eye, but it becomes possible when try.

Sometimes, people, things and situations are not really how they seem to be, we can best know and understand them when we personally encounter.

Do not be discouraged by the seeming impossibility, be challenged and encouraged the true reality.


Not all accept, value, acknowledge and respect who you are.

Your position and status might not be relevant to others.

Instead of obeying rules, we sometimes use who we are to manipulate our way through.

Being on top of the social ladder does not in any way make you more human and better than others.

Everybody is unique and valuable no matter who you are, what you have and where you are.

You could be favoured but such privilege is not your right.

Learn to banish in you the craving for self-importance.