The inability of a particular dog to bark and to scare thieves does not make all dogs timid and lazy.

The inabilities of others do not in any warrant your inability.

You are special and uniquely endowed with gifts.

So far as others could not make it does not mean you cannot also make it, just try, it could be your breakthrough.

Learn from others but trust in your own your abilities, you can make it.



So far as it is of great value does not merely make it lasting.

You have a limited life, do not waste it hating and begrudging others.

Your strength and zeal will soon be lost, do not waste them in pulling people down.

Your beauty will soon fade, do not use it to demean and underrate others.

Your knowledge, position and power will soon be useless and ineffective, do not use them to abuse others.

Your current asset is valuable but it is limited, use them prudently and productively.


A fault finding society is mostly allergic to objectivity, love, compassion and forgiveness.

Fault finders keep their eyes open on the weaknesses and failures but are deliberately blind to the strengths and successes.

Fault finders condemn and broadcast wrongs instead of correcting wrongs.

Fault finders celebrate the shortfalls and failures of others but silent on the accomplishments of others.

Fault finders are hidden liabilities, they mostly destroy instead building.

Use your knowledge, zeal and experience to find lasting solutions to the problems of your world and time, not merely to find faults.


Our silence becomes selfish when it solely promotes our interest instead of the common good.

You want to be seen as a good person, so you are silent.

You want to protect your position, so you are silent.

It does not affect you negatively, so you are silent.

It favours you, so you are silent.

Our integrity and credibility are greatly undermined when we are vocal only when it favours us.


It is the one who makes a move who normally makes mistakes, not the one who stays idle.

It is easy to see yourself as competent when you have not made any effort.

It is easy to see yourself as perfect when you have not tried any path to perfection.

It is better to show your incompetence in activity than to trumpet your competence in passivity.


The tongue could be a powerful building or destructive tool based on how it is used.

A lazy tongue operates two extremes;

When it keeps silent at when and where it is expected to speak due intimidation, shyness fear or favour.

Again, the tongue becomes lazy when it speaks anything, anywhere and anyhow without breaks.

Do not over suppress or over express with the tongue. Learn to prudently control your tongue for your credibility and the growth of the world at large.


The mind becomes lazy when it is unable to evaluate, verify and process received information.

The Lazy mind always sheepishly follow popular perceptions without verification.

The Lazy mind accepts every information as a sacrosanct end product, not a raw material to be processed.

The Lazy mind mostly accepts a message due to the popularity and authority behind it, not the sense and relevance of the message.

The Lazy mind makes exact copies of the ideas of others, it lacks the courage to initiate and recreate ideas.

The lazy mind accepts the status quo even if it is retrogressive, it lacks the zeal to initiate change.

The mind is a working tool, it becomes powerful and useful when it is put into productive use.


What I knew made me to conclude that I am the best and I know everything.

What I knew falsely convinced me that, I am completely right while those who do not see and think like me are wrong.

But I now know that, what I know is not always the universal truth, it might be limited to my world and time.

But I now know that, what I know can be imprisoning, it can prevent me from seeing the other side of reality.

Productively use your acquired knowledge as basis for greater accomplishments, not as an impediment to growth.


When you want to see only perfection in an imperfect person living in an imperfect world, you will only see fake perfection.

If you want to know the true identity of people, do not restrict them, give them the freedom to act.

Many people will hypocritically act to meet your expectations when they are coerced.

A genuine imperfection is better than feigned perfection.

Accept and work on your imperfections. It is a mark of maturity and a step towards greatness.


The beauty of a flower cannot prevent it from withering.

The beauty, the wisdom, the strength and the achievement of a man can never grant him immortality.

The common trait of all that exist is extinction.

Popularity and dignity fades with time.

Current issues will surely become a thing of the past.

Your unprecedented achievements will not be remembered in days to come.

You can never dodge this reality.

As you value the gift of life, prepare for the reality of death.