The role of ball boys is silent but it is very useful in the game of football.

Though they do not have much influence on the game, they promote the continuous flow of the game.

You might not have enough money and deep knowledge to share.

You might not have rich words to motivate and challenge others.

You might not have power and gift to lead and to influence others.

But your silent presence and ordinary deeds are enough to make someone feel loved and get motivated to move on.

You do not have to do extraordinary things before you can be valuable and useful.

Your value is not merely in the hugeness and the popularity of your deeds but in the usefulness and relevance of your deeds.

Never underrate yourself. Do what you can do best, no matter how little it might be, it will have positive impact on somebody’s life.

Focus on your little but mighty deeds, not on popular but irrelevant deeds.

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