You freely and personally came to us to beg for power but you do not even recognise us now.

We gave you power to promote our common interest but you now work for your personal interest.

You take delight in the titles, prestige and privileges attached to your position but you fail perform effectively their corresponding responsibilities.

You strongly spoke against incompetence but you now pontificate mediocrity.

You promised to be accountable but you now tag us as detractors when we question your decisions.

You were humble and had a listening ear but now you have allowed power to trigger your pompous pride.

You were the voice of the voiceless but you now fiercely silence those who criticize you.

Bear in mind that what goes up will definitely come down.

Be mindful of how you treat those who pushed you up.

Do not forget those whose toils and falls cushioned your rise.

My leader, without us, you are not a leader. Let us see your impact on us and the world at large.

One Comment on “OOH! OUR LEADERS!!

  1. Thank you dear father for your frequent updates on daily pills. I very much appreciate your efforts and kind gesture. May we be able to live life as expected from God our creator well being able to be examples for the young ones and others to emulate in Jesus name. Amen!


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