The weight of a burden is mostly reduced and joy is intensified when shared with the appropriate person.

Doing it all alone is not always a mark of competence but also an act of fear and selfishness.

We sometimes ignorantly conclude that without our contributions the world will be standstill.

Even God who is all powerful collaborates with human beings to carry out His duty.

Sometimes for the fear of sharing our dignity and fame, we deny others of their opportunity to rise under the pretext of hard work.

When we greedily over burden ourselves with the works and commitments others can help, it does not only affect the quality of the input and output, it also has adverse effect on our health.

Some people are too self-centered to the extent that they cannot even share their joys, successes, problems and failures.

Do what is expected of you and allow others to do what is expected of them. Collaborate with others, it is a divine trait.

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