When I open my eyes to your strengths, achievements and possession, while I focus only on my weaknesses, failures and lacks, I feel am good for nothing and I wish I were you.

I only know your
possessions but I am blind to your responsibilities.

I only know your pleasant present, I am ignorant to your painful past.

I only know your infectious public smiles but I am not aware of your secret sobs.

I only know the good and joyful side of your family and vocation but I am ignorant of the sorrowful and unpleasant side.

I only know your salary but I am not aware of your toils and dangerous conditions of your work.

You may be led astray when you evaluate and envy people by focusing only on their good side.

Do not devalue and discourage yourself because of the strengths and accomplishments of others.

No matter who you are, value and accept your uniqueness, you cannot be the other person.

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