My Precious Child,

I was patiently waiting for this day. An annual acknowledgement of my existence and appreciation of my works as a mother.

My child, I really appreciate all that you do for me on this day but I will be much grateful with your little but daily care than this occasional show off.

It is my day to receive wishes but let me take this opportunity to remind you of certain things that you are gradually losing sight of.

When you entered my womb,
I lost appetite for my favourite meal.
I lost my form and beauty.
You limited my movement.

But for my love for you, I forget the pains, moans and tears at child birth.

I sacrificed everything to promote your wellbeing and growth.

You gradually moved far away from me as you grew up.

Your education, work, friends and marriage took you away from me.

The higher you climbed the educational ladder, the more you disrespected and disobeyed me.

You now see me as a witch and a wicked destroyer as you become more religious.

I lost everything for your sake, but as you grow richer, you search for more beautiful and richer mother to match your level.

You do not remember, value and even appreciate my painful toils but blame me for your all mistakes and woes.

You only acknowledge me on occasions but forget me in ordinary days.

My dear child, I do not expect too much from you.

Just make me feel I have a child.

Understand, accept and value me as l am gradually becoming a burden on you.

Do not be fed up with me due to my neusuating and provoking aging planks.

Awwww!! I need you now.

Do not wait to feast at my funeral, feed me now.

Do not wait to pay me last respect, love and respect me now.

Do not wait to show my decorated lifeless body to the world, cloth me now and show my shrinkened body and wrinkled face to your friends.

I do not need your hypocritical visit to my tomb, visit me now.

Honour me now with your loving, caring, peaceful, unifying, accomodating and discipline conduct.

My child, you are my greatest asset, pride and legacy.I love and value you. I will always hope and pray for the best for you.

Thank you for your attention. God bless and keep you.

Yours Beloved Mother

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