The products from a factory normally determine the identity and worth of the factory.

It is not how quick we are in sharing information but how authentic, accurate, appropriate and permissible they are.

What we normally share tells mostly who we are and what we have.

You are mostly what you share, ponder over these;

Are you too quick to spread Gossips than the Gospel?

Do you take delight in sharing falsehood than the truth?

Are you proud to publicize people’s privacy?

Are bent on compromising confidentiality without any sense of guilt?

Are you exclusively identified in spreading trivialities rather than issues of substance?

*What we share does not only affect the one at the center of the message, it also reveals our identity, credibility, reliability and level of maturity.*

Know what, when, where, whom and how to share, it is a mark of prudence.

God bless you.

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