A transition from somebody to nobody is not always a curse, but a reality.

It extremely difficult to accept the unpleasant but inevitable realities of life.

*No spiritual exercise, no drug or no precautionary measure, can keep us forever young, strong, powerful and even immortal.*

It is not a curse or a pessimistic mentality but a true reality of life.

You are somebody today, you will be nobody tomorrow.

You are young and energetic today, you will surely grow old and weak, tomorrow.

You can do a lot for others today but you cannot do anything for yourself tomorrow.

You are leading and teaching today, you will certainly be taught and led tomorrow.

You are everywhere to be found today, you will be surely be nowhere to be found tomorrow.

Certain unpleasant and hard to accept realities are also inevitable part of life, prepare to face them.

God be with you in every moment of your life.

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