Knowledge without wisdoms, a deadly weapon

The vegetative cover of a place clearly reveals the quality of the soil beneath.

Our actions normally determine our level of knowledge, wisdom and maturity.

Knowledge without its useful application is one of the deadly weapon of our the world.

It is one thing to be knowledgeable and it is another to be wise.

Knowledge lacking wisdom is like imparting into a child, the knowledge of using a gun, whiles the child is unable to discern what and when to shoot.

We can easily acquire knowledge about politics, religion, scripture, economics and technology but it takes wisdom to fittingly and usefully apply them for the benefit of humanity.

Our world rests on the weakest pillars when it is led and dominated by knowledgeable people and intellectuals who cannot prudently and relevantly apply their acquired knowledge and ideas.

May you not only seek knowledge, learn how to use them prudently and productively.

God bless you.

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