This hypocrisy, not love

We sometimes abuse and even abandon the living and give hypocritical attention and care to dead.

He was starved to death but we serve varieties of food and drinks at his funeral.

She was in rags but on her death bed, we adorn her with expensive clothes and golden jewels.

You prayed for thunder to struck me down and fire to burn me, but after my death, you are praying for the peaceful repose of my soul.

You felt ashamed to introduce me to your friends but you are too quick to invite the world to my funeral.

You never spend to keep my life, but you are ready and willing to take a loan for my funeral.

You never cared to visit her when she was sick but after my death, you want the world to know how you care for her with your care for her lifeless body.

It is useless and even cruel to withhold love and care from the living and to show pretentious love and care to the dead.

Love me as I live.

God bless and keep you.


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