My mistake, my motivation

Mistakes are one of the inevitable realities of life. They become destructive when they are not carefully managed.

The best way to live a mistake-free life is to cease to exist. Even in our silence and passiveness, we can make mistakes.

My mistakes are not wholly negative, they are eye-openers to my inadequacies and a trigger to intensify my need of God and others.

My mistakes are not opportunities to see only the dark side of life, they are avenues to learn and acquaint myself with the real terrain of life.

My mistakes are opportunities to work harder for progress rather than to dwell in fruitless complaints and regrets.

My mistakes are not chains for self imprisonment, they are my strongest motivation to self knowledge and self improvement.

Do not aspire to make mistakes in life but aspire to accept, learn and grow from your mistakes when they come your way.

God bless and keep you.

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