Proper and productive use of Potentials

Your gifts do not automatically make you useful, it depends on how you use them for your growth and the progress of the world.

Some people have the truth but they only use it to criticise destructively.

Some have great ideas but they use them to build walls rather than to build bridges.

Others have strength but they use it to destroy bridges rather than to build bridges.

Some have the unfailing zeal but they use it pull to others down rather than to uplift them.

Our usefulness is not solely in what we have acquired but how we make productive use of what we have acquired.

No matter how you are gifted, endowed and resourced, you become less useful when your actions are detrimental to your wellbeing and that of the group and society you find yourself.

Learn to make proper and productive use of your potentials, it is a certain route to growth.

God bless you.

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