Selfishness, Attractive but Destructive

When selfishness rules our lives, morality is mostly determined by our disposition, place, situation and time.

Selfishness makes us inconsistent to what is right or wrong. We shift the goal post to meet our aspirations and target.

These are not acts of dynamism but selfishness;

You gleefully accept today what you rejected yesterday because it will favour you.

You are now strongly opposing what you approved in the past because others will benefit, not you.

You are even upholding and praising vices, mediocrity and indiscipline all because you will benefit positively from them.

You are strongly frowning on virtuous life, excellence and discipline because the positive fruits are reaped by others, not you.

You tag others as good not because of their right conduct but because of the favours you get from them.

Selfishness is attractive but it destroys the dignity and credibility of the individual and retards progress in the society.

Do not only seek your wellbeing and interest to the detriment of others, group and society.

Have a blessed week.

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