Proactive-ness, a mark of sensitivity and responsibility

So far people do not lament over our actions does not mean they are not hurt but because they are strong and patient to endure.
Many are silent on our provocative remarks not because they afraid of us but because they have mastery over their emotions.
Silence does not always connote wellness.


Do not wait for people to complain before you realise that your words are derogatory and hurting them.
Do not wait for people to violently confront you before you know that your actions are offensive.
Do not wait for people to demonstrate against your inactions before you become conscious of your irresponsibility.
Being proactive is a mark of sensitivity and responsibility.
Do not take the silence, patience and endurance of others for granted. 
*It is not always the best to act prudently and responsibly solely as a reaction to complaints and confrontations, learn to be proactive.*
God bless and keep you.

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