The untamed passion for what is new…..

Uncontrolled passion for what is new and latest can be dangerous and destructive. 
It can easily cripple, blind and deafen us from verifying  and acknowledging the value and dignity of what we already know and have.
*You have new ideas and philosophies, so you look down on the people and the basic ideas that initiated your zeal for knowledge.*
*You have new and promising company, so old pals are irrelevant in your life.*
*You are gradually growing in knowledge and wisdom, so individuals, groups and institutions that helped you are old fashioned and ignorant.*
*You now know your gifts and potentials, so you judge yourself to be greater, better and powerful than those who helped you to discover them.*
Sometimes, but for our ardent zeal to meet new dreams, expectations and people, we lose sight of the value of what we know and have.
Do not rush to abandon what you have due to the luring and promising but superficial value of new things.


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