The over ambitious is capable of doing anything

As I keenly watched the hunting skills of an experienced hunter

 from the top of a tree, I became convinced of what human beings are capable of doing when they are burnt on reaching their target.

In his attempt to lure and to shoot a wandering antelope, Vuu suddenly began to crawl and moan like an antelope in need.

This immediately attracted the attention of innocent antelope to turn to the direction of the seeming helpless antelope.

At the full glare of the antelope, Vuu expertly and accurately shot and killed the antelope.


1: Be very cautious, people are capable of doing anything to reach their intended target, especially when they are over ambitious.

2: Do not be too quick to trust unreservedly, people can easily pretend to be good or in need, in order to fulfill their mission.

3: When people are soo keen on reaching their destination, they do not normally  consider the negative effects of their means to reach it.

*Do not be too zealous. You can easily hurt, disgrace, cheat, abuse and even kill to reach your goal.*

God bless you.

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