It pays to be patient…

After a stressful journey  in the night, Kunfum and Chidadia, were served with a very hot beverage in the morning.

Whiles Kunfum was patiently sipping his hot beverage, Chidadia, moved with hunger, hurriedly poured the hot beverage into his mouth.

He did not only suffer burns in the mouth, also he could not even swallow a drop of the beverage because he immediately spewed it out of his mouth.

Kunfum became satisfied due to his patience, whiles Chidadia remained hungry and hurt due to his impatience.

*1: Patience is not always a waste of time, it is a safe and gradual steps to reach your goal.*

*2: When you approach life with patience, you gradually reap and enjoy its fruits.*

*3: When you rush in your daily dealings, you are likely not only to miss your goal, you can also hurt yourself and others.*

*4: It is better to reach your destination late but safe and sound, than rush to miss or to reach your destination injured.*
God bless you, have a great week.

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