The danger of ignorance.. 

Ignorance is a dangerous disease, it is far destructive than physical ailments.

One of the powerful means to manipulate and to enslave people is to keep them in ignorance.

Do not only work and pray for prosperity, also work and pray to be freed from ignorance. 

Ignorance can blind us.

Ignorance can deafen us.

Ignorance can cripple us.

Ignorance can easily give us a distorted view about people and realities of life.

You might be wallowing in poverty, not because there are no opportunities to succeed but because you are blinded by ignorance.

You might be living in constant fears and anxiety not because there things to be feared but because you are ignorant of the realities of life.

Make conscious strides to be up to date with people, things and realities around you.

May the Divine light always enlighten you.

God bless you.

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