Accept responsibility of your actions…..

It is not only unfair but also wickedness when we deliberately cause our own ruin with carelessness, negligence and indiscipline but intentionally blame others for our misfortunes.

Sometimes, others  may be the very cause of our problems.

At other times, circumstances can easily make us victims.

We can also be the very cause of our own misfortunes in life.

It is a mark of irresponsibility to always present ourselves as flawless and to blame others for all our failures and mistakes in life.

*We will never grow when we attribute every misfortune of ours to others.*

Success driven people do not waste their time and resources to apportion  blames, they rather accept their mistakes, correct them and make amends to improve their lives.

You are not angel to be pure and faultless, accept your weaknesses and mistakes to grow.

God bless you.

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