You cannot change your past, learn from your past.

We have no control over our past but we can easily determine what to do presently. 

Our progress in life is not solely based on our past achievements and failures but mostly on our goals, plans and strategies today.

Our worth is not solely dependent on what we were unable to do in the past but we are capable of doing today.

Do not be discouraged and hindered by your unsuccessful and unpleasant past. 

*You cannot change your past but you can easily improve upon your present for a better future.*

Do you waste your energy, ideas, time and resources in trying to change the unchangeable, rather invest in what you can change. 

There are a lot you can do now just that you have allowed your unpleasant past to negatively dictate your value, goal, perception, attitude and zeal in life.

May you always learn and grow from your past.

God bless and keep you.

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