We are basically self centered by our human nature. We wholeheartedly accept people in their strengths and accomplishments but we completely despise people in their weaknesses and failings. 

So far as people are yelling and hailing you for your excellent performance will not prevent them from accusing and hooting at you when you flop.

Those who are smiling at you today, will frown at you when your actions and inactions do not go in their favour.

Those who tag you worthless today will see you priceless when you please them with your actions.

Do not wholly hinge your existence and joy on the actions of others.

Be very cautious, when you solely and blindly depend on the condemnations and commendations of people, you will not know you true worth.

May you always be cautious of the unpredictability of the human person.

God bless you.

*Fr. Michael Amo Gyau*

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