No victor is without a vice or weakness and no victim is without a virtue or strength.

The joys and excitement victory can keep us blind of our blunders and inadequacies.

The sorrows and pains of defeat can magnify our mistakes and make us blame everyone apart from ourselves.

*Victory does not make us fault free.* 

In your victory, work on your weakness to improve on your strength for greater accomplishments.

*Defeat does not us complete liability.*

In your failure, never overlook your strength. Learn from your weakness and build on your strength.

If victory is not well evaluated and managed, it will unconsciously prepare complacency and eventual defeat.

A well manage defeat can move us to intensify our efforts to succeed.

Your current state is provisional, it can easily change. Never lose hope, and never be complacent.

Have a blessed day.

*Fr. Michael Amo Gyau*


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