No matter how powerful and effective an antibiotic, it cannot heal our wounds instantly. The wound naturally and gradually heals with time.

You cannot instantly unlearn a learned habit overnight.

You cannot solve all your long standing problems overnight.

When you try to stop instantly a high speeding vehicle, the probable outcome will be samausaulting. 

A fast moving vehicle brakes gradually to stop.

When our inordinate desires forces us to  make things happen instantly without considering the existing reality, we will either break down or produce a shoddy  output.

*Be very careful in your difficulties, you can create a problem to solve a problem or create a problem out of a solution.*

Do not be carried away by promises of instant changes in your.

Do not lose patience due to the intensity of your difficulties.

Follow the approved route to get lasting solution.

May the Lord continue to guide and strengthen you in your struggles.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau

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