Do not only seek to be inspired, seek to be challenged also…

We do not get the finest palm oil from palm fruits in cold water. We rather get it from the crushing of the fruits and the activity of hot water on the crushed palm fruits.

Motivational and inspiring words are normally read and  cherished than challenging and corrective words, which are normally unattractive.

We will never grow when we always want to be inspired but bitterly hate to be challenged.

We may not progress in life because we only enjoy the company of those who are ever ready to second and even uphold any word and proposal from us without any objection.

We might not be comfortable with those who challenge us but they normally open minds and eyes to some realities and keep us on our toes to bring the best out of us.

Do not only focus on those who will help you to move but also those who will challenge and correct your movement.

God bless you and have a fruitful week.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


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