Subscribe quality, not popularity…..

A product with high publicity does not make it the best in the market. The content of the product determines its quality not its publicity.

Having a huge audience to listen to your message does not merely  make you a great and finest speaker. Best speakers spring from the quality of their message not the popularity of their messages enjoy.

Do not be carried away by your fame. What makes us famous is what matters most.

As there are fake products with high publicity, there are also unadvertised good products.

If you are fortunate to come to the limelight do not look down on those whose great works are unseen and unheard. 

Do not just trust, accept and support personalities, products, ideologies and messages due to their popularity but due to their quality and relevance.

May you not confuse popularity with quality.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


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