The best goalkeeper cannot keep clean sheet throughout his career. He will have records of goals conceded and as well as goals prevented.

The winning team does not only have records of victories, it also has records of defeats.

No matter how strong and powerful you are, you cannot always win all aspects of life.

You cannot always be right. Sometimes, you will be far from right even in your strongest conviction.

One of our greatest source of anxiety is to present ourselves as uniquely spotless whiles we veil our dark spots. 

We are likely to shift the goal post  and even act out of malice to keep the false image of ourselves intact.

The more we present false image of impalpability of ourselves, we unconsciously unveil our shortfalls to the public.

Be of yourself, be who you are but never enslave yourself by forcing to be who you are not.

Remain in the peace of God.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


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