Start with the little in hand

A spark from a matches stick is far useful than the combination of unlit firewood.

The quality of your gift is not based on its size and quantity, it is based on its usage and usefulness.

It is more productive to sow a  handful of grains than to hoard a sackful of grains.

Never grief on the quantity of your talent, principal and strength. We are normally evaluated and judged not by the quantity of what we have been endowed but by the qualitative usage of what we have been endowed.

No one is instantly born  great, we gradually move towards greatness when we make use of what have and things around us. Greatness usually starts with littleness.

Do not waste your time to groan and to complain on size of your gifts, use what you have, it is a surer way to success and greatness.

God be with you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


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