The painful cut that hurts us is from the knife that heals us.

The most hurting and painful rejection normally comes from people who gladly accept us.

The most destructive condemnation normally comes from those who highly commend us.

Do not be carried away by the acceptance, praise and kindness of human beings, who are easily changed by circumstances.

When a set of teeth is prepared to eat flesh, chewing bones is likely to cause toothache.

The reality of life is not always fair and constant.

Human beings are not predictable.

Therefore, do not always coach your mind to only receive the best, the worst can also happen, so prepare for it.

*Expecting the worst is not only a mark of pessimism, it is a precautionary measure.*

You do not live in an ideal world so give allowances for rejection, betrayals, hatred and disappointments.

God bless and keep you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


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