When our perception magnifies a mound before us into a mountain, impossibility becomes our hallmark. 

When we see impossibility in everything we see and do,

Our zeal to succeed is lowered and it can even quenched.

Our potentials are veiled and our abilities are underrated.

Our weaknesses are magnified and our strengths are reduced.

And we are eventually chained into perpetual fears and inferiority.

Impossibility does not only make a simple task too complex and burdensome, it also discourages us from making an attempt.

Your fears, failure, difficulties and anxieties could be the products from your pessimistic mentality.

*Equating difficulty to impossibility is as discouraging and destructive as self – curse.*

Your abilities are hugely pivoted on your optimism. 

May you always see the possible and positive side of reality.

Remain in the peace of God.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau

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