When we lose something, complaining bitterly and diligently searching for someone to accuse cannot bring the lost item into existence.

When we close our eyes to the reality of lost, we do not only find it  difficult to accept and to overcome the hurts and the pains of lost, we tend to blame everybody than ourselves.

Many people cannot find their lost thems because, they are deeply lamenting instead of searching.

Many people are not able to recover from the wounds of loses because they are pointing accusing fingers on others instead of searching the searchable and forgetting the un -retrievable.   

Many people are not progressing not because they lack resources but because they are still holding onto un -retrievable loses.

Your religion, spirituality, intelligence and  expertise can reduce but cannot immune you for the reality of lost.

Even our life, which forms the bedrock of all that we have will not last forever, we will lose it one day. Use wisely what you have but do not completely lean on them, they can cause your downfall.

May you accept the reality of lost and learn to manage loses in your life.

Have a blessed day.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau

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