Polluting your source of food and making unhabitable your home amount to self curse.

Nobody but you can revoke it because you have the power to make and to  rescind certain decisions in your life.

Sometimes our dignity and credibility are partly hinged on who and what we associate with.

Our wellbeing and  dignity are partly linked to the wellbeing and dignity of our group.

Never think of keeping your image intact when you strongly speak ill of people and groups which your existence is connected to.

When you wash your dirty linen outside, it does only unveil the rots in the group, it also reveals the dark side and irresponsibility of the group members.

So far as you are part of a group, what affects the group automatically affects you.

Be careful of how you hastily broadcast bad information about your group, it eventually tarnishes your image.

*Learn to correct wrongs, do not hasten to spread wrongs of your group*

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau

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