When you begin a race, it is better and more dignifying to finish, even at the last position than to opt out on the way. Finishing the race makes it more competitive.

Never opt out in life, move on, your presence and actions could make the lives of others meaningful.

Until the last whistle is blown, it is self destructive to move out and to declare yourself a loser.

*If your maker and judge has not condemned you, why do you strongly accuse and condemn yourself?*

In the midst difficulties, Keep on,

In the midst of confusion, keep focused,

In times failure, restart and move on. 

Never be discouraged by your bitter and difficult experiences, you might not know what the Lord has in stock for you.

May you always be strengthened to accept yourself to face and to overcome the challenges of life.

Remain in the love of God.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau

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