A Fall does not end the journey, it rather obstructs and delays movement.

Failure does not end our efforts to reach our goal, it rather dampens our zeal.

Sometimes, we have no power to prevent our fall and failure but rising and restarting is a choice, it is up to us to remain on the ground or to rise.

We can make a fall or a failure end our zeal and strides to attain our goal only when we allow ourselves to be pinned to the ground by  inferiority and discouragement.

Failure can sometimes coach us to focus only on our dark side and inabilities. 

Never describe yourself with your weaknesses and inabilities.

Never condemn yourself and tag yourself as a failure.

When you fall, focus on your strength that could cushion your rise.

Learn and grow out of your fall and failure, it is a painful but didactic experience to know the other side of the reality of life.

May you be pessimistic to capitalize on your fall and failure to renew your energy, zeal and knowledge to restart or continue your effort to succeed.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


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