Never let your group or religion narrow your world.

Never let your group or religion obscure your perception about reality and obstruct your zeal to know.

Most people cannot think far because they think that apart from their models, group and religion, there is nothing good and valuable in others.

Religion is meant to deepen our knowledge about ourselves, God and  realities of life, it is not a catalyst to ignorance.

Religion is a vehicle to growth not a lubricant to immaturity.

Religion is not a factory for the production of hatred and disunity, it is a place to learn how to love and unit.

Knowledge of self others, culture and realities of life help us to accept others and relate well with them.

May you not restrict yourself to only to your group and religion but try to learn from others to improve your relationship with God and neighbours.

God be with you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau

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