It is a waste of time and energy for a tortoise to try to move like a horse.  One of the greatest source of anxiety is not only longing for what we will not get but also trying to give what we do not have.

The certain reality is, not matter the level of your intelligence, expertise, experience, morality and religiosity, you have a limitation, 

You can do something but you cannot do everything, 

You can give some answers to some problems but you cannot solve all problems. 

When we make an attempt to please everybody, solve every question in life we do not only put yourself in perpetual stress, we are highly prone to losing our credibility and dignity.

We can easily win the hearts of people with promises but we will lose them with our inability to fulfill these promises.

You are not God to be omnipotent, learn to accept what you cannot do, it is a mark of humility and credibility.

Have nice weekend.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


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