THE DAILY PILL. Patience Pays.

The life span of a sweet in our mouth is hugely determined by our level of patience.

When we violently and impatiently crush the sweet, we either bite our tongue or consume it within the shortest possible time.

When we rush, we are most likely to crush and at best fall.

Many people, out of impatience, are using all means to enjoy the sweetness of the unripe fruits of their toils.

Impatience makes us over focus on the goal rather than the means to arrive at the goal.

Impatience can blur our view about the realities of life.

Impatience can also dampen our zeal and end our goal prematurely.

Even if life is a race, you need to abide its rules, we run cautiously.

Better finish the race of life in an average position than to be at the most excellent position only to be disqualified for not observing the rules.

May you always move and act with patience and caution.

Remain in the love of God.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


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