When we have a painkiller as our only drug, we will see many sicknesses as bodily ache.

When we have religion as our only solution to every problem of life, we will see and tag every problem as spiritual.

When violence become our only answer, we will see any squabble as a war.

Perception is a powerful and a wondrous inventor, 

It can easily condition us to possibility and impossibility.

It can easily create for us lovers and enemies without any concrete evidence.

Your perception about yourself determines how you see and relate with others and the world.

When you see yourself as a victim, you will treat anybody who challenges you as an enemy.

If you feel bewitched, you will see any challenge in life as the work of the devil.

Be careful of how you over hype your problem solving tools and how you see yourself, they are spectacles through which you see others and the world.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


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