Pruning is very hurting to the plant but it is a step towards beautification of the plant and the eventual fruitfulness of the plant.

Everyone is lacking in one way or the other but naturally, no one wish to be associated with insufficiency.

It is not easy to accept corrections, for it reveals our inadequacies and the need for improvement.

Being corrected is not a demeaning measure but a transformative step towards success.

Accepting corrections is not a sign of the weak but a quality of the strong.

Those who are open to corrections make themselves available for progress and avoidance of some retrogressive mistakes in life.

A student, who is always reluctant to do the corrections of his wrong answers is not far from failure.

You are not God to live beyond mistakes, be humble to  accept corrections, it is one of the surer ways to success.

God bless you and have a dream fulfilling week.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


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