Every product has a side effect but the product which side effect is known to the public is mostly discriminated against.

No one is without a dark spot in his or her life but there are people whose sins are opened and clear to the public, they are tagged, ‘sinners’.

The best help we can render to ‘public sinners’ is to approach them, show compassion and help them to rise from their strong shackles of sin.

It is a deep mark of ungodliness and  immaturity to willfully broadcast the shortfalls and the vices of others when we are secretly perpetrating similar acts.

What do we gain from the fall, shame and the condemnation of a sinner?

It is our duty to strengthen the weak rather than bitterly vilifying them in their weaknesses and mistakes.

May you always be sensitive and compassionate to the plight of people tagged, ‘bad’.

Remain in the love and mercy of God.


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