Dodging the one you owe does not in any way cancel your debt, it rather reschedules the one you owe for a violent encounter in future.

Pretending as if all is well in your difficulties can never erase your problems.

Getting drunk, sleeping over your problem, relying solely on soothing and caressing words do not solve your problem, they rather momentary  make you happy and to  forget about your problem only to face it later.

Cowards normally flee from facing the reality of life and take shelter in excuses.

Instead of doing the little you can to face and address your nightmare, you are diligently searching for excuses to avert your responsibility to your actions.

The more you run away from your problem, the more it becomes too complex to solve.

May you always be endowed with the strength and the courage to face squarely your challenges.

Have a blessed weekend.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


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