It amounts to self destruction when we Pollute our only source of water and at the same time drink from that very source. 

Making unhabitable our only place of abode is as powerful as self curse.

Sometimes our dignity and credibility are partly linked to where we are, who and what we associate with.

You are strongly tagging your family as bad and evil, are you not also part of the family.

You are mute on the qualities of your group and nation but you are consciously highlighting on their weak points to tarnish their reputation to outsiders, is your action not contributing to the current state of your group? 

Never think of keeping your image intact when you tarnish the reputation of people and groups which you cannot do without.

Use your sense of morality and  objectivity correct wrongs, not to destroy people and institutions you are related to. 

The wellbeing of the ship you are sailing with is your wellbeing.

Be careful of how you broadcast bad news about your group, it will eventually affect you.

God bless you.

Fr. Michael Amo Gyau


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